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Make Your Boring Relationship More Fun With These Easy Tips

boring relationship AnastasiaDate

After some time of being together, a couple can get too familiar with each other. The tendency is to take each other for granted. The spark dies down and the two people who were once passionately involved find themselves stuck in a boring relationship. Not to worry, though, if you have found yourself in this situation because there’s always something you can do to turn things around.

Turn Your Boring Relationship Around Quickly

You have the power to turn things around for the better and, once again, find yourselves having the best time of your lives. If your partner doesn’t do anything, take the lead. If you do so, there is hope that he or she will follow your footsteps and eventually become in sync. If you two keep on waiting for one another to do something, it might be too late. So here are some easy tips you can follow to turn your boring relationship into something more fun: read more

Forget About Relationship Longevity If You Are Not Doing These Things

Relationship Longevity | Anastasia Date

After you have gotten past the dating period and you are entering your new committed “in a relationship” state, you think of relationship longevity. Of course, you want this commitment to work. If you really want your relationship to last, how do you go about it aside from doing the most obvious?

Non-Negotiable Elements Of Relationship Longevity

You definitely need to work hard to make your relationship last. But, while you are focusing on improving different aspects of your relationship, make sure that you never forget about the following elements:

1. Freedom

The couple needs to maintain a certain sense of freedom. You may love your partner and be wholly committed to him or her, but maintaining your individualism contributes to the health of your relationship. You should be able to freely pursue the passions that you used to enjoy before the coupling phase.

2. Dependency On Each Other

Ok, this sounds like the opposite of the first item, but while you maintain your individuality, there should also be a sense of needing each other. There are certain things in your life that only your partner can satisfy and fulfill, emotionally and physically.

3. Physical Attraction

There should be a general healthy arousal between the two of you and you enjoy your intimate encounters. You are willing to explore and experiment or you can be happy with what you have. In short, you want each other.

4. Getting Interested

Being interested in your partner can take some effort. You should be genuinely interested in what they are saying, doing, what they are going through, and even in what they want to achieve. Do you want to be a part of your partner’s goals?

5. Enjoyable Companionship

Whether at home or just picking up groceries, you enjoy each other’s company. You can talk about different things or just be quiet together. But the important thing is, you are not annoyed with the other person’s presence.

6. Open Communication

Communication will get you through a relationship that will continue for life. It is being able to openly discuss different things and not become self-conscious about the other’s ability to understand.

7. Self-care

People who stay in a happy relationship are usually the people who can also take care of themselves. It seems that they are able to give off what they already have, because they have so much self-care.

Relationship longevity can be tough for some people. But, then you will realize that there are certain things that cannot be changed. If you have mastered this, then you are on your way to a blissful partnership that’s, hopefully, going to last forever. For more tips, make sure you read the rest of our blog.

You’ll Know You’re Settling In Your Relationship With These Red Flags

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No relationship or marriage will ever be perfect. But, there are certain red flags that will let you know if you are actually settling in your relationship. What you have is not ideal for you, but you hold on because you’re either afraid of being alone, or you have become too comfortable that you never want to move.

Major Signs That Say You’re Settling In Your Relationship

Settling down is different from merely settling. It’s like accepting what is mediocre and not looking for the best. In truth, you can actually do so much better. To know whether you are guilty of this, check the following signs:

  • You kind of feel weird introducing your partner to your friends and family. You have been going out for some time and your family and friends want to meet the person already. But, you keep trying to put it off, looking for all sorts of excuses. If this is the case, this means that you may be embarrassed with your partner or you don’t want to pursue a long-term relationship.
  • You think that you need to oversell your date. You may not be confident about his or her personality, looks, standing in society, or if he or she may mix well with your peers. Subconsciously, you justify your date’s actions and even try to put in a good word.
  • There is that nagging feeling that you need to change yourself for him or her. He or she might not verbalize it, but you feel that you need to change your tastes, outlooks, even political stand just to have a sort of harmony in the relationship.
  • You compare him or her with your friends’ partners. It is unhealthy to compare partners because it breeds jealousy and contempt. But somehow, you can’t help it because you constantly find something ingratiating towards your partner.
  • You’re making way too many compromises to make your partner happy. It’s just so hard to keep him or her happy so much so that you give up so many things just so your partner wouldn’t get upset. It could be simple things like your choice in fashion to bigger things like giving up on your friends.
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    Obvious Turn-Offs That Men Don’t Get While On Dating Apps

    While On Dating Apps | Anastasia Date

    While on dating apps, it’s absolutely important that men understand different factors that turn women off. Of course, the basics apply. For example, if you’re rude or a jerk, then that’s going to be a big red flag for women you meet on dating apps. But, how about less obvious turn-offs?

    While On Dating Apps, Avoid Doing These On Your Dating Profile

    Of course, you’d want to present yourself in the best light, but when you boast about yourself too much, you can send the wrong message to the ladies. For example, you would think that the following are harmless, but they’re actually pretty annoying to females who could be your potential dates: read more

    Are You In An Asymmetrical Relationship? You Need To Know Fast

    Are You In An Asymmetrical Relationship? You Need To Know And Fast | Anastasia Date

    It doesn’t matter if you are with the most beautiful person in the world. If you are in an asymmetrical relationship, then you might end up heartbroken. Not a lot of people know what this type of relationship is, but it’s actually something that occurs often. Yes, a lot of people are in an asymmetrical relationship without even knowing it.

    An Asymmetrical Relationship Means That You’re The Only One Doing The Work

    The complete name for this type of relationship is Asymmetrically Committed Relationship (ACR). When you are in one, it means that you’re more invested than your partner. Your commitment levels are not equal, resulting in a relationship that feels unfair.

    How Do You Know That You Are In An Asymmetrical Relationship?

    First off, the feeling that we get about our partner being unfair is subjective. It could be based on facts or it couldn’t. For us to know for sure, we need to watch out for the following signs:

    1. Power Over You

    Have you ever noticed that your partner is always asking you for favors and you happily oblige? Then he or she must have a power over you. Whether through manipulation or force, your partner finds a way for everything to be in his or her favor.

    2. You Cannot Remember The Last Time Your Partner Did Something Nice For You

    Although you do so many things for your partner, you cannot remember the last time they did the same for you. If you’re second guessing this thought, maybe you do have a bad memory. However, when you’re sure that you’re the one always doing the work and the favors, it’s time to reassess your relationship.

    3. Anniversaries (And Other Important Dates) Are Not A Big Deal

    To you, the date of the day you had your first date is significant. Your partner, however, doesn’t really find it important. Yes, not all of us are good with dates, but it’s impossible for a couple to forget about all of the important times in your relationship whether you celebrate each one or not.

    When you spot all of these signs, you can do two things. One, you can talk to your partner about changing some things in your relationship. Two, you can decide to move on. Whatever you decide, be sure that you are thinking about yourself first. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.