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Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage

Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage | Anastasia Date

When everything seems to be going right in your relationship, you have to do whatever you can to prevent yourself from sabotaging everything. In most cases, however, we find this difficult to do because we all have baggage that we carry. Because of the weight and the effect of the baggage, we commit relationship self-sabotage.

Prevent Yourself From Committing Relationship Self-Sabotage

Relationship self-sabotage often happens when the couple, or one person in the relationship, is behaving in a way that will cause discord or fighting within the partnership. It sounds very dubious, but in most cases, the person (or people) doing the relationship sabotage isn’t even aware of it. So, the most obvious solution would be to practice awareness together with the following ways: read more

Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You?

Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You? | Anastasia Date

We really have to be careful as we meet new people for a romantic partnership. There are those that will have sincere intentions towards, but we cannot hide the fact that there are people, whether online or offline, who might lie to us to get what they want. Do the words of affection that people say reflect how they really feel?

Signs That Her Words Of Affection Are True And Sincere

It hurts when you finally find out that the person you have been dating online or offline has been lying to you. So, from the start, you have to know if someone’s words of affection are real, or just perfume that will fade away after a while? There are some signs that you need to watch out for: read more

Signs Of Obsession You Should Watch Out For

Signs Of Obsession | Anastasia Date

How would you know if a person you’re dating is becoming more and more obsessed with you? There are definitely signs of obsession that you have to watch for. If you spot any, don’t allow the situation to progress into something potentially dangerous. Take control of it immediately.

These Signs Of Obsession Will Give You A Reality Check

If you know the specific signs to watch out for, then you will know how to keep yourself safe. An obsessed person is someone you never want to be dating because you will end up suffocating and losing yourself. Watch out for the following: read more

When Should You Trust Your Intuition?

When Should You Trust Your Intuition? | Anastasia Date

In a relationship, sometimes advice from the TV, magazines, or even friends and family can be confusing. So, what are you left with, when you’re actually in a situation where you have to make an important decision, is your gut. However, we have to admit that our gut isn’t always 100% accurate, especially when it comes to finding a mate. When do you choose to trust your intuition?

Choose To Trust Your Intuition When The Conditions Are Right

The simplest answer to the above question is when the conditions are right. This means that there must be certain factors in place before you can go with whatever your intuition is telling you. These conditions are as follows:


So what is your experience level with regards to a certain situation? If it is low, then you should gather data as much as possible because you don’t have credible intuitions yet. The facts should strengthen your intuition. If the facts don’t support your gut feel, then maybe your intuition is wrong.

Time Pressure

You might be pressed for time to make a decision. How much time pressure are you facing? If time is short, then you won’t be able to do the decomposition of a situation. If your intuitions have been time-tested and have demonstrated their value, then follow your gut. But if not, your lack of experience plus the time constraint may affect your choices.

Your Personality

Think about what kind of person are you? An open-minded person should be more likely to adapt and revise views when presented with facts. Meanwhile, a definitive person resists change. A person who doesn’t like changes definitely should not go making an intuitive judgment.


Are you consulting with other people? If yes, then they are more likely to want some justification for your choice. With that, you can justify your choice and they will be satisfied because you are able to support it more than just your gut feeling.

Putting Your Intuitions On Hold

When in doubt, put your intuitions on hold until you have more data. In dating, for example, you can review the credentials of your date and make assessments based on the fine-grained evaluation features. Plus, consider what others say.

When you have more practice and you made good decisions based on your gut feel, then maybe it is safe to say that you can trust your intuition. If not, do more research. You don’t want to make the same mistake over and over again, especially when choosing the wrong people to spend the rest of your life with. For more offline and online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

A Relationship That Is Built To Last Will Have These Indicators

built to last AnastasiaDate

When in a relationship, we often wonder if the love that we’re feeling for the amazing person we’re with will last. We are hoping it will, but how can we tell for sure that the relationship is built to last? Definitely, we have to make sure that our foundation is right. There should be respect in the relationship. When you have this down, you’ll need to watch out for other indicators.

This Is How You Ensure That Your Relationship Is Built To Last

According to most experts, you only need to watch out for four relationship factors that will tell you that your relationship will survive. It won’t necessarily end up in marriage (because what if you and your partner are not the marrying type?). But, it does tell you that the connection you have with your significant other is something deeper.


As humans, we find it difficult to share our problems with people around us. We sometimes even hesitate to share with people we are close to. So, if your partner is opening up to you, and you are doing the same, it is a great indicator that you trust each other enough to show your vulnerable sides.


Because we are in a relationship, we can’t just think of ourselves anymore. It’s not just about us because we have another person in our life that we should take care of. This is what it means to support the person you’re with – to have someone’s back no matter what.


The next factor is accountability. This allows us to help our partner be the best person. For example, if there’s something that your partner did that’s wrong, you can’t just remain silent. You have to hold him or her accountable for the mistake. Your partner should also be doing the same with you.

Physical Love

There’s no romantic relationship that can last without physical love. You’ll know that your relationship is built to last because you show your emotions through touch. May it be a kiss, a hug, or an intimate act, all these forms of physical love are necessary.

If you don’t spot these indicators, don’t worry. Maybe you’re not there yet. Work on it, and let your partner in on your plan to improve your relationship. Work on it together so both of you can say that you have built a relationship that stands the test of time. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.