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Relationship Threats That You Should Be Dealing With

Relationship Threats That You Should Be Dealing With | Anastasia Date

With the person that you are currently dating, can identify relationship threats that are present in your partnership? The truth is, most couples won’t be able to do this because of a number of factors. The most common one is the lack of awareness. One or both people in the relationship don’t even know what they have done wrong.

Identifying The Most Common Relationship Threats

Of course, relationship threats won’t exist if two people are putting in the necessary effort to give their relationship the best chance. So, among everything that you are thinking of, try identifying the following relationship threats: read more

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space | Anastasia Date

If your girlfriend wants space, don’t make a big deal out of it. To most men, the words, “I need some space” translates to trouble and, eventually, a breakup. It’s not always the case, keep this in mind. Most men automatically panic and do things they shouldn’t be doing when their girlfriend wants space.

NEVER Do The Things On This List When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

It’s understandable for you to be concerned when your girlfriend is asking for some time off from your relationship. She could be struggling with something that she doesn’t want to tell you about. Or, she could just be really tired about everything that she’s doing. It’s also possible that she feels that you might be acting clingy. There are a number of possibilities. Whatever the reason is, you should never do the following:

1. Demand An Explanation

It’s absolutely necessary that your girl give you an explanation as to why she needs space. However, you should never demand an explanation from her. Simply wait for her to explain what she’s going through.

2. Don’t Attempt To Impress Her

When your girlfriend wants space, she could be needing a break from you. You do not want to aggravate what she’s feeling by trying to impress her by doing everything for her. Give her a bit of distance since that’s what she’s asking for.

3. Stop Bombarding Her With Messages

You might feel like you have to make up for what you thought you did wrong. As a result, you might text your girlfriend constantly to see how she’s doing. You should stop. Just let your girlfriend be.

How To Deal With Your Own Feelings Of Worry

Give your girlfriend whatever she is asking for. If she’s asking for a few days away from you, give it to her. You cannot do anything about what she’s feeling right now. Just wait. However, when she returns, you need to have a one-on-one talk with her discussing what went wrong and why she needed the space in the first place. Apologize if you were at fault. Make sure that you discuss how to avoid something like this from happening in the near future.

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Why You Should Try To Go On a Double Date Once

Why You Should Try To Go On a Double Date Once | Anastasia Date

When you meet a woman online who you consider as a keeper, one of the best ways to introduce her to your circle of friends is to go on a double date. If you have plenty of friends who are couples, then you can go every week if you wish. A double date might seem tedious, but it’s actually an experience that you and your partner can enjoy, or even learn to love.

Go On A Double Date To Experience Something New

You may have couple friends who can go on a double date with you and your partner. Whoever you invite, the couple should be people you respect, are comfortable with and can have fun with. It shouldn’t be just some random couple if you truly want to have a good time. So, why would you go on a double date in the first place?

1. Eases The Pressure

When you are on a date, especially when you are in the getting to know stages, is nerve-wracking. When you are with another couple, the tension and pressure are eased. There are other people who can carry the conversation, avoiding silent moments. The couple may even offer you some advice to make the date run smoothly.

2. Not The Usual

When you have been a couple for years, it has always just been you and your partner who goes out. You may have gone out with friends, but this is different than a double date. It’s going to be a new experience for you which could refresh your relationship in a new way.

3. Get To Know Your Date Better

You may think that going on a double date will not give you the chance to get to know the other person better. On the contrary, if you are going with your friends, they can offer their opinion about who you are dating. And, if you’re going with your partner’s friends, then it’s a chance for you to ask people who know your partner more than you.

What Dates Should You Go On?

There are different date ideas that you can try when you are two couples looking to have a good time. Some of the most common suggestion include dinner for four, going on vacation together, and going to day-parties (like a barbecue). There are plenty of things that you can do. As long as both couples agree to the activity, then everything will most likely work out. Going on a double date may be awkward or weird sounding, but it is something new. And, new is always exciting in every relationship. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

Doing These Small Things Affects Your Image Without You Realizing It

your image AnastasiaDate

We talk about being spontaneous and genuine all the time, and it is generally thought to be a virtue being able to accept yourself for exactly who you are. However, some of your most subtle behaviors can have a massive effect on your image and how others feel around you.

Certain Behaviors And Their Impact On Your Image

You may think that people don’t generally notice some of the smallest things you do, believing they can go under the radar and that you can get away with doing certain small things. If so, you’ll be surprised to read about the small details people notice about you.

#1. Your Posture

In general terms, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking how to sit or stand around others. However, our body language – and more specifically how ‘open’ we are to the people standing opposite us – is a major influencer of how we are perceived. A little trick if you want to show someone you’re interested in them is to avoid crossing your arms and to lean a little forward as they speak to you.

#2. Checking Your Mobile

Whether you’re on a date, a night out with friends, a job interview, or just casually drinking coffee with your mates, glancing at your phone is an indicator that you’re not particularly engaged in the conversation and that you have better things to do than concentrate on them. It’s a rude behavior people engage in without even realizing it all the time.

#3. Your Grooming Habits

Sure, you may feel too bored to shave or groom your beard one day, and don’t feel like wearing perfume the next; but if you regularly neglect to take care of your appearance, the image you portray will be of someone who’s unkempt and lacking confidence or the drive to maintain good hygiene.

#4. Wearing Sunglasses Around People

It’s one thing to wear your sunglasses when you’re out in the sun, but keeping them on when you’re inside a building or commuting is another. Hiding behind dark lenses can be detrimental to your image, as it keeps your eyes; one of people’s most expressive means, unseen. This creates a sense of guilt or aloofness, and it can be seen as off-putting; rude even.

#5. The Way You Talk

We’re not talking about the things you say, but how you say them. Speaking in a very low-pitched voice can make you sound timid and insecure, keeping your tone monotonous can create an image of someone who’s too dull and uninteresting, while talking loudly or in a very high-pitched voice can make you sound too boastful or assertive. The best way to go about it is to add variety to the way you talk, using the right intonation for important things and talking more calmly when it comes to less serious or exciting matters.

All in all, it becomes clear that our image is not something we can control entirely, nor is it something that should determine every little detail of our behavior. Yes, there are certain things we can/ should improve, but we should not be too tough on ourselves. At the end of the day, it is our imperfections that make us lovable.

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Dating Tips For Dating a Newly Single Person

newly single person AnastasiaDate

So you met someone wonderful and feel seriously attracted to them. There is only one problem – that special someone just recently broke up with a long-term partner and you’re on your way to entering the complicated world of dating a newly single person. You are likely to want to ignore all the warning signs since you are so enticed by the person. That isn’t the safest road to travel, but you can make it better if you follow these tips.

What You Need To Pay Attention To When You Are Dating A Newly Single Person

1. Move Slowly

The best way to protect yourself is to take things slowly. Don’t jump into anything, take the time to see where the other person’s head is. That way you can keep your expectations and emotions under control. read more