Is Serious Relationship In Your Future?

Is A Serious Relationship In Your Future? | Anastasia Date

It’s no secret that many try online dating and app dating for different purposes. Yes, the ultimate goal is to meet a person. However, you would never know if the person just wants to have fun or is more about looking for a serious relationship. You’d have to spend a good amount of time getting to know the person first before you find these out.

How To Know If Your Online Date Is Looking For A Serious Relationship

Of course, we can always read about the type of relationship that they are looking for in their dating profile, but people’s preferences change over time. And, it’s a well-known fact that not plenty of online daters don’t bother updating their dating profile regularly. So, there’s no way out of it. You really have to invest your time and take a risk. While you are chatting with the person, make sure to double check the following:

1. Are you a priority?

Whenever you set up an online meeting, does your date follow through? Or, does he or she always cancel because they have other plans? Your date may have invested time in you in the beginning. But, if that time dwindled into mere minutes, allotted for spending time with you, then you have to rethink your status.

2. You don’t really talk about the future.

One good indication that there will be a future between you and the person you’re dating online is future talk. If this person always says that you are going to be together, and do all sorts of great things in the years to come, it is a green flag.

3. Does your online date want to meet your friends and family?

Have you ever asked your date if he or she wanted to meet your friends and family? How did he or she react? If it was a positive response, then great. But, if your date wasn’t really into the idea, you should be watchful.

When you have spotted all of these signs, you have to rethink everything. You may have a tiny beam of hope within you that tells you things might change. However, it’s unlikely to happen. Your online date just clearly wants to have a good time without commitments. If you’re into that too, then, fine. But, if it’s a serious relationship you want, you better move on. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.