A Dangerous Combination Of Relationships and Social Media

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Social media is very much an unavoidable part of modern day life. What was once something only used by teenagers has now expanded to attract users of every age and walk of life. The chances are your boss is on Facebook, your friends are on Snapchat, and your mom is navigating the world of Twitter. So what effect does social media and instant accessibility to over 1.7 billion strangers as well as a large network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, have on trust and relationships?

Taking a Look at the Numbers

Statistics from around the world are showing a large increase in social media usage being cited in legal documents as a reason for divorce. This is due, in part to pictures, statuses and private conversations with ex’s being only a few swipes way. It is easy to delete the evidence, and it is even easier to keep your interactions private, and this is the cause of big temptations for many users. Before the days of social media, it was a lot more difficult to meet and contact possible romantic partners.

From the Old School to the New School

One relied on face to face encounters, friends of friends or dating classified to meet partners. Now you can just log into Facebook and other social media accounts and be confronted with an endless amount of profiles and pictures of people from all over the world. Even if you have a partner, this easy access to window shopping is hard to resist. All it takes is some ‘likes’ on someone’s Facebook photos or a cheeky comment, and your relationship can be plunged into drama and disrepair. This is a true relationship test for couples.

Best Advice on the Market

The key to behaving on social media is not to do anything that you would not do in real life. Do not do anything that you would not mind your partner seeing you do. It is that simple, just because the opportunity to chat with other women is there, just because you have access to thousands of pictures and profiles, doesn’t mean that you have to follow through on it. Be restrained and be aware that so-called social media infidelity is considered just as bad as real life cheating. Come back soon for more tips on how to create healthy relationships.