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Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Did you know that rest is one of the many fundamental needs of humans? Yes, it’s true. For us to function properly, we need to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for those of us with partners, we can’t always say that we are getting the ZZZs that we need. This is probably why most Americans said that they would wish to have a sleep divorce.

What Is Sleep Divorce And How Can You Benefit From It?

A mattress company did a recent survey involving about 3000 Americans. According to their finding, 31% of their participants would like to go on a sleep divorce so they can get some rest. Sleep divorce is basically you and your partner not sleeping in the same room or the same bed. This doesn’t mean that the couple doesn’t love each other anymore, of course. Most just want to get enough sleep to wake up energized and perky in the morning. read more

This Is The Main Reason Why Small Romantic Gestures Matter

This Is The Main Reason Why Small Romantic Gestures Matter | Anastasia Date

Giving flowers, chocolates and small notes are romantic gestures that many couples think are no longer necessary. At the beginning of the relationship, of course, doing these plus other gestures of love are essential to building a bond. However, as the years pass, doing romantic gestures every now and then doesn’t seem to have the same spark it once has because of familiarity. As a result, many couples no longer do tiny gestures of love for their partners.

Small Romantic Gestures Can Change Everything

Despite the above fact, we still need to try our best to buy flowers on a whim, or just surprise our partner with one serving of their favorite dish as they arrive home. The main reason is that small romantic gestures can make us happier and make our relationship better.

One survey asked 175 couples who were married for, more or less, seven months about how satisfied they are in their relationship. When asked about how they make their better half happy, some participants said that they did something nice for their partners two or three times in a week. Some of the gestures included helping with the chores or organizing the other person’s workspace.

The gestures that the respective partners acknowledged (meaning that they appreciated what their loved one did) benefited the relationship the most. This made the relationship bond stronger and the couple happier. But, researchers found another interesting result. Those that did gestures of love or small favors were happier whether their partner appreciate what they did or not.

What You Can Learn From The Study

There are plenty of things that you can learn from the study that was mentioned. First, you still need to put effort into showing your loved one that he or she matters. You can do this by doing small romantic gestures. Second, these gestures may not be the traditional flowers, chocolates, and notes. They can be different things like helping with the chores or helping with a project.

Whatever gesture you plan on doing, you just need to shift your perspective and see the value in it. For more tips on improving relationships, read more from our blog.

Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner

Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner | Anastasia Date

If you’re a clingy partner, you shouldn’t expect your relationship to last long. It’s a sad truth you need to accept. Although you can reason out that your clinginess comes from a place of love, it’s possible that your partner may not agree. He or she may be feeling boxed in or smothered. You don’t want your partner to feel this way, of course.

How Not To Become A Clingy Partner

First of all, you have to realize that there’s a better way to show that you love a person or that you want to spend a bit more time with him or her. However, keeping the person all to yourself is stopping them from being their own person. If you do this, your partner will likely be unhappy. You can also come off as needy – a person who always wants attention. So, here’s what you do about it:

1. Acknowledge that you are the problem.

Most likely, your partner is not doing anything to make you act clingy. You’re not a clingy partner because of other external factors either. It’s your behavior and you have to own up to it. Realizing and accepting that your clingy is the first step.

2. Sort through your trust issues.

The most likely reason why you’re a clingy partner is that you have plenty of trust issues. You have to get over them by addressing them head-on. For example, if you feel like your partner is hiding something on his or her phone, you have to talk about it in a calm way. Communication is always the key. It makes moving forward quicker.

3. Change your perspective on space.

Do you view space as something negative? It’s time to stop thinking that. After you have sorted out your trust issues, you need to see space as something positive. The best way to do that would be to take some time off and focus on yourself. Go to the spa, get a haircut, pamper yourself, exercise and so on. Take your time off and leverage it so you can experience how good it is to have some time away from the relationship.

These are three solid tips to help you avoid being a clingy partner. Realize that you’re clingy, change your perspective, and then change your behavior. Don’t forget to share this post if you found it helpful. For more tips like this, read the rest of our blog.

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Our Partner To Try New Things

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Our Partner To Try New Things | Anastasia Date

When we’ve been in a relationship with our significant other for years, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We get into a routine that we’re comfortable with. Although this is alright in terms of security, it easily gets boring. What happens is that we are not willing to try new things anymore because we are so stuck in our comfortable ways. This could be a problem in the long run.

Encourage Your Partner To Try New Things Without Forcing Him Or Her

No matter how interested we are to try new things, we cannot force our partner to do so when they don’t want to. We have to break our routine and make new ones. But, what can we do if we cannot nag someone into doing the things we want them to do? There’s a healthy approach to this:

1. Be Spontaneous

Don’t plan anything that often. Yes, planning can be advantageous because you can prepare for whatever you’re doing. However, being spontaneous is more exciting. Try to be so from time to time to add a bit of fun to your date nights. For example, surprise yourselves with the restaurants you choose to eat at.

2. Downplay The Activity You Want To Try

In most cases, some people are too scared to try something new because it is too difficult. They think that they may fail so they don’t entertain trying new things. To support them, downplay the activity you want to do. Assure your partner that it’s going to be easy and that you are with him or her every step of the way.

3. Try Praising Your Partner

To boost your significant other’s confidence, make sure that you pay him or her a compliment. For example, when talking about visiting your country and your partner doesn’t want to. Tell your partner that he or she is very independent so your partner doesn’t have to worry about getting lost or getting stuck.

Try these three tips to allow your partner to see the benefits of trying something new. For one, when you try new things, it’s going to spice up your relationship. Second, it’s going to help break that chain of mundaneness that you have gotten used to. Try new things constantly to liven up your relationship. For more tips on dating and reviews, read other posts on the blog.

Yes, Your Taste Changes When You’re In Love, And This Is How

in love AnastasiaDate

You’re in love, everything seems different. The sky seems brighter, you’re always in a happy mood, and everything in the world just seems to be in their right places. But, our mood and perspective aren’t the only ones that are affected when we are in love or in a relationship.

Have You Noticed Food Tastes Different When You’re In Love?

Believe it or not, your preference in food or your taste in flavors change when you are in a relationship. This is according to the results of a research done in Poland and Germany. The researchers looked at 100 couples who had been together from 3 months to 45 years. The smell and taste preferences of the couple participants were tested.

They found that the longer a couple had been together, the more likely they were to have the same preferences in smell and taste. How satisfied the couples were in their relationships did not affect this result at all.

Why Do Our Tastes Change?

The research was inconclusive. Those who discovered this phenomenon weren’t able to pinpoint an exact reason why our taste buds seem to adapt to those of our partner’s or vice versa. There was past research, however, suggesting that the reason may be because of our co-habitation with the person we’re in love with. When a couple is, co-habituating they tend to be exposed to similar stimuli, not just talking about flavors.

It was also suggested that the reason behind the similar gastronomic preferences is biological. Because you and your partner have similar gustatory and olfactory translation, it could mean that you are compatible.

It’s very interesting how our bodies respond to us being in love. For all we know, it’s not just taste, mood and perception that’s changing in us when we’re in love. Science will provide us the answer to other things our body changes when we are in this state.

Whatever the case, when you’re in love, life seems to become a little better. For more interesting posts you can find useful when you’re in love, check out more of our blog.