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Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex

Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex | Anastasia Date

Most of the time, we feel that getting over heartbreak is such a difficult thing to do. Who can blame us? The pain is, sometimes, unbearable. Despite the pain we feel, we need to remember that we can get over it. We just need to make use of cognitive strategies to help us.

Cognitive Strategies To Help Us Move On & Heal From The Pain

We can always trust science to help us out. With different cognitive strategies that are easy to follow, we can train our mind to get over the heartbreak that we are currently feeling:

1. Negative Reassessment

Doing this will allow you to see your ex in a more negative light. When our heart is aching, we always seem to reminisce about the good times. We should stop this immediately. What has your ex done to you that hurt you so badly? What was the reason behind your break up? And, ask yourself, do you think that you will be better off still being in a relationship with all the negative things he or she has done? read more

Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems

Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems | Anastasia Date

Not everyone knows what the zero dating concept or rule is. It’s fairly new in the dating scene and, to be totally honest, still experimental. It is designed to see if two people who met online actually have chemistry when meeting in real life. All it takes is a one hour meet-up.

How The Zero Dating Concept Works

Let’s be clear that the zero dating concept is not about avoiding new people. It doesn’t say that we cannot date anyone. It merely wants to test the chemistry between two people. These are the steps that are involved in zero dating: read more

Methods To Prevent Identity Theft When Online Dating

Methods to Prevent Identity Theft When Online Dating | AnastasiaDate Scams

Online dating is a fun and effective way to meet new people. It’s made dating more interesting and convenient, which is why a lot of people dive into it with a care-free spirit. That’s not really something to frown upon, but we disregard our online safety in our excitement. We need to keep a good eye out to prevent identity theft and protect all of our information.

Safety Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

First off, let’s acknowledge that there are websites that handle your security for you, AnastasiaDate being one of them. Most dating sites, the top ones at least, are aware of the dangers online daters face, and for them to provide the best service, they develop their security so their members feel safe. On the other hand, there are also dating sites that don’t really care about safety, and so, what if you’ve signed up to one of these sites? read more

Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful

Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful | Anastasia Date

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you already know how stressful it is to find someone you may have a genuine connection with. There are those who may find online dating easy, but the majority of us know the hardships involved when you are finding the one online. Could there be a reason behind this?

We Stress Over Finding The One Because We Believe In Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about finding the one. Our false beliefs are actually are one of the major causes of stressful online dating. We believe, men and women alike, that we need to stumble on so many wrong ones before finally landing on the perfect partner. We become picky and stress over preferences because of the following:

1. The first misconception is perhaps the notion that there is a perfect partner. Fact is, nobody is perfect so we naturally bring our flaws into the relationship.

2. The second common misconception is that romance is key to a lasting relationship. Romance is like the introduction – the honeymoon stage of any relationship. Whether you keep the romance alive in your relationship even after 40 or 50 years is entirely up to you and your partner. But, it cannot and should not be the basis for finding the one online. If there’s no romantic spark, it doesn’t mean that the relationship (or potential relationship) is doomed to failure.

3. The third misconception is that if you find the one, he or she will be the same one for the rest of your years together.

The Right Mindset

You’ve definitely heard this from a lot of dating experts already. You need to get into online dating with the right mindset. Finding the one could be easier than you think. Just adjust your way of thinking and do away with the misconceptions you read above. Next, consider these tips:

1. The right or suitable partner for you may just be around the corner but if you have this mighty idea of what he or she is going to be like, then chances are, you are putting yourself up for disappointment. Be flexible in your preferences.

2. Romance is such a beautiful thing but it is unrealistic to think that it will last long by itself. Romance needs to be created. It doesn’t just augment on its own over time.

3. People change. It’s a fact of nature. Throughout the course of your relationship, you will morph into a different person (hopefully a better one) and so will your partner.

Want to make online dating an enjoyable experience? Then, you have to take this tips to heart. For more tips on how to improve your connection with your partner, make sure that you check out the rest of our blog.

How Can You Start Midlife Dating The Right Way

How Can You Start Midlife Dating The Right Way | Anastasia Date

Midlife dating can be challenging. Meeting new people at a certain age can come with obstacles, but if you do it the right way, you will find out that it gets easier. And, there are even more perks because of your age and wisdom.

A Simple Guide To Midlife Dating

Let’s be clear, first of all. You are in your midlife when you are 45 to 64 years old. It’s possible that you have already gone through a divorce or a separation. Whatever the case, it’s likely that you have gone through a lot of heartbreaks and disappoints already. These may be one of the reasons why you are hesitating to date. But, this is how you start on the right foot: read more