AnastasiaDate’s Anti-Scam Policy

Tips to be safe

  1. Never send any money to a lady.
  2. Arrange dates only through our “Date Me” service.
  3. Travel to your lady’s destination with our group tours.
  4. Exchange contact information with the lady through our “Call Me” service.
  5. Once in a while conduct video chat with your lady.

Scam and reimbursements

  1. A lady misidentifies herself. (For example, an agency uses her profile without her permission to communicate with you). We reimburse the costs you incurred in the communication with this lady.
  2. A lady requests money or expensive gifts from you. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady and ban her forever.
  3. A lady deliberately misrepresents her details in her profile: age, kids, gender, marital status or language level. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady and ban her forever.
  4. A client is robbed during our group tour. We reimburse the value of the theft.
  5. Gifts of flowers that were ordered through the system weren’t delivered. We reimburse the costs you incurred for flower delivery order.
  6. A lady refuses to meet a client through “Date Me” service after corresponding with him for more than 5 letters. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady.

Not scam

  1. The agency makes a mistake in the translation of the letter.
  2. If a lady corresponds with you for a long time and then refuses to meet without our “Date Me” service.
  3. If a lady doesn’t answer all questions in an email.
  4. If after meeting with the customer she says she is not interested.
  5. If a lady has photos of her relatives, male friends, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and other personal info posted on any social network.
  6. If a lady wears rings on fingers. Wearing rings in Slavic countries does not mean a woman is married, regardless of which finger it is on.
The AnastasiaDate Team
*If you feel you have been scammed by any member, click here to file a complaint. Once your claim is approved you will receive a full refund of all credits you’ve spent on communicating with the alleged member.
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