Is Phone Addiction Ruining Your Relationship?

Is Phone Addiction Ruining Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

We are in the digital age and practically everyone has a phone or a gadget. Although it’s working out wonderfully for our dating life and for communication, the digital era doesn’t come without adverse effects. Phone addiction, for example, is something that has become common in our society. Little do we know, it’s affecting our romantic relationships in a bad way.

Signs That Say You Have A Bad Case Of Phone Addiction

Definitely, when you are addicted to your phone, you are always going to be on it. It’s an obvious sign. But, to confirm phone addiction, you have to watch out for signs that are not so obvious:

1. Easily Get Bored

If you or your partner easily gets bored when you don’t have your phone with you, it is the first sign. What’s more is that you do not find other things entertaining, like reading or listening to music. The only thing that can cure your boredom is your phone.

2. Separation Anxiety Linked To Phone Addiction

You or your partner feel anxious when their phone is not with them. It’s not just anxiety too. It could be coupled with stress. In most cases, it’s not the actual phone they miss, but what’s happening online. In other cases, they could be anxious because they are in a social setting where they would, typically, resort to fidgeting on their phone. But, since they do not have their phone with them, they feel a sense of separation anxiety.

3. Stressing About Social Media And Emails

As mentioned, you or your partner who is addicted to their phone might be experiencing the fear of missing out. The person might be thinking that he or she has already missed so much because they haven’t been online for a certain period of time.

Does your partner have phone addiction? If yes, the help or support that you need to give the person will depend on how severe the addiction is. In extreme cases, you might be needing professional help. However, if the case is not too bad, all you have to do is ask your partner to unplug for a day or two. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.