Important Dating Reminders For Single Parents

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Dating is hard but dating may be harder if you’re a single parent. You have to factor in time for your kids and time for your date. You also need to worry about when the right time is to let your kids know that you’re dating a particular person. It’s complicated, isn’t it? However, among all of the things that you need to worry about, you always have to remember important dating reminders.

Dating Reminders Single Parents Need To Remember

Before you decide to open yourself up to the possibility of falling in love again, you have to come to terms with yourself being a single parent. Instead of wearing it like a badge of negativity, wear it proudly. There’s nothing wrong with being a single parent. When you’re ready to date, you have to remember the following dating reminders:

Be Honest About Your Parenthood

When you are talking to a potential date, don’t forget to say that you are a single parent. When you are filling up your online dating profile, make sure that you mention it somewhere too. Remember, your parenthood is not a negative thing to have in your life. If someone can’t handle you being a single parent, then be it.

Bonus, Not Baggage

Always refer to your child as a bonus. Since you’re wearing your badge of parenthood with pride, it’s important not to refer to your child as past baggage.

Bring Back That Optimism

You may have been hurt in the past but everyone who has been in pursuit of love has been hurt. Probably not in the same way as you have, but love hurts and it’s a fact. Despite what you may have gone through, try to get your optimism back by doing something nice for yourself. For example, treating yourself to that much-needed haircut, or buying new clothes.

There Is No Rush

On the subject of when to introduce your date to your child, don’t rush into it. There’s no right or wrong time but you will eventually know when it’s time to do the introductions.

If you’re planning to get back to dating again, know that there’s still hope for you. Finding love won’t be easy but it’s out there. You just have to be brave enough to look for it. For more tips on dating, read our blog.