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This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy | Anastasia Date

In most cases, we really want to encourage our partner. However, we cannot force the person to do what we want just because it is good for them. But, there’s always a way for us to encourage the people that we care for without being too pushy.

Instantly Encourage Your Partner To Be The Best

There’s a certain technique called the Motivational Interview. Commonly, it is used for addiction patients or other people who have difficulty changing their ways. It focuses on the subject’s own motivation, rather than being directive or forceful. It zooms in on what the subject “might want to do,” instead of what the subject “should or ought to do.” So, how can this type of interview be done? There are a couple of steps to it: read more

Are You Dealing With A Pretender?

Are You Dealing With A Pretender | Anastasia Date

When you are dating online, you will encounter a lot of people of different statuses and background. Some of those, sad to say, will not have pure intentions towards you. So, as you are meeting new people on the internet, you have to know if you’re dealing with a pretender.

Major Signs That Say You’re Dealing With A Pretender Online

Yes, knowing if a person is lying about him or herself is a skill. You have to hone this skill so that you can protect yourself while you’re finding true love online. What are the major signs that say you’re dealing with a pretender? read more

Slow Dating Is A Great Way To Cure Dating App Burnout

Slow Dating Is A Great Way To Cure Dating App Burnout | Anastasia Date

In our generation, it seems that everything needs to be fast. We have fast food, which we can order even faster with the advent of ordering online. We also have fast messages through email, SMS, and chat. There are other things too that we need to have ASAP, and that includes getting a date. While we’re glad that we can have our food and messages in a jiff, we may get burnt out from hoping that we can get a date as quickly. Could slow dating be the answer to this?

What Is Slow Dating And How Does It Help?

For those who have experienced dating app burnout, or even just dating burn out in general, can totally relate. As we experience this, the anxiety of not having anyone with us builds up. We also feel anxious because of the fear of missing out, since it seems that everyone else has a date except us. Slow dating could be the answer to this, but what is slow dating, anyway?

It’s just how the phrase is – it means dating slowly. Because of dating apps and site, we easily have access to profiles of people who might meet our preferences. But, do we really make real connections with them? Sometimes, yes, but often times the answer is no. It’s because we are going too fast. We want the connection to be instant. So, how do you do slow dating in the digital world?

1. Don’t give up your sites and apps.

You may think that your dating apps and sites are what’s causing your burnout, you’re wrong. The main cause of your burn our is your perspective. You have to have a date now because you don’t want to be left behind. If you adjust your perspective, then you’ll be able to use dating apps and sites the right way.

2. Make real connections.

When you’re finally chatting with a person you like, don’t wait any longer to meet in real life. If you’re interested in the person, ask him or her out right away. Why would you wait if you feel like everything is falling into place? Online chatting is fun and it does help get to know a person better, but you need to make a deeper connection by meeting in person.

3. Online date one person at a time.

The goal here is to date slowly so you can avoid dating burn out. Focus all of your energy into one person who deserves it instead of casting a wider net.

Take things slow in this world of instant fixes. You’re going to make better connections through slow dating. Just make sure that you manage your expectations and that you are truly ready for a serious commitment. For more dating tips, be sure to read other posts on the blog.

While On A Relationship Plateau, You Should Never Act This Way

While On A Relationship Plateau, You Should Never Act This Way | Anastasia Date

No matter how loving your partner is, you should expect to experience a relationship plateau. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a time when you no longer see everything through rose-colored glasses. You see your partner’s negatives or you simply lose interest in your relationship. Please know that this is a normal phase to go through. All couples experience plateaus. The problem comes when you don’t know how to handle yourself during these slumps.

Power Through Your Relationship Plateau By Avoiding These Actions

As mentioned, all couples go through a relationship plateau. Most that come out of it establish a relationship that can withstand any drama or problem. However, those that don’t know how to act while going through this phase leads their relationship to ruin. For starters, if you do the following actions during your relationship plateau, you might be putting your relationship at risk:

1. You or your partner seek affection elsewhere.

Basically, this is action will encourage you to cheat. If you’re looking for affection in other people, then you’re opening your heart up to other people. What you should be doing is seeking the affection of your partner. Affection is already available to you through your partner. There’s no need to seek it elsewhere.

2. You have less than five positive interactions for every bad one.

Experts say that a relationship will be alright if a couple has more than five positive moments for every one bad moment they’ve had. In your case, if you don’t have happy moments that often, then you should be finding ways to make it happen. Don’t allow your relationship to go on a downward spiral of negative interactions.

3. You’re not motivated to resolve any conflict.

We can’t always be motivated to resolve the conflicts that we go through. However, when things cool down, you still need to talk about what happened. Communication is the key even if you lack motivation during your relationship plateau.

Power through your plateau. Don’t give up too easily if you’re truly serious about your partner. Think of this phase as a testing through the fire. You’ll be stronger even if you don’t come out of it in one piece. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

Marriage Realizations Nobody Teaches Couples

Marriage Realizations Nobody Teaches Couples | Anastasia Date

Nobody can provide an instruction manual for marriage. Even though there are plenty of self-help books and blog sites that show you how to make your marriage better, there are still plenty of marriage realizations that couples pick up along the way. Quite frankly, even if you go through an intensive session of pre-marital counseling, it won’t cover everything.

Marriage Realizations Couples Need To Know About

It won’t hurt, however, if you read about the different marriage realizations you might encounter. It can help you form a better perspective of what needs to be done to keep your union intact and happy. By reading the marriage realizations below, you might just help you form a stronger bond with your partner early on:

1. You don’t always have to be right.

Arguments are going to be common when you’re married. Whatever the case is, you need to remember that you have to choose your battles. You don’t always have to be right, even if you are. It’s going to take a really open mind to do this. You have to be the one to stand down, sometimes.

2. Your wife is not your house keeper.

We as a society have already defined the role of women in a marriage. Do away with that belief. A study suggests that marriages are happier when the husband intently helps with common household chores.

3. The kind of marriage you will have is a result of the effort you put in.

Before you get married, you have to drill it inside your head that the amount of effort you put in will result to how your marriage will be. For example, if you and your partner put in a good amount of time in your partnership, it will likely result to something pleasing and ideal.

4. Hope for the best but not always.

It’s good to have a positive perception of situations. It’s good to be hopeful, but you don’t have to end with just hopefulness sometimes. If things aren’t right, do something about it instead of just hoping that everything will turn out alright.

5. Support your partner by listening.

Sometimes, all your partner will need is a listening ear. You don’t have to do anything or say anything. Your presence will be enough in most cases. just make sure that you are present, physically and mentally.

These are just some realizations that you need to learn as early as now. If you’re already married, you can still work on your relationship through the marriage realizations we have listed. For more tips on how to make your marriage or relationship strong, check out more posts from our blog.