Difference Between Male And Female Cheaters

Difference Between Male And Female Cheaters | Anastasia Date

Every time infidelity is discussed, it’s enough for singles and even couples to feel some sort of anxiety. It’s never a good topic to talk about too, because people tend to lie. No one wants to admit to cheating on their partner. However, an interesting take on the topic is that there’s a difference between male and female cheaters.

The Driving Force Is Different With Female Cheaters

Before we go into this topic, we need to have an open mind. Some of the thoughts here could be difficult to understand, but broaden your thinking for you to gain a better perspective on why male and female cheaters go through with their decision.

Males Cheat More Often

In a study, 20% of the male respondents have been reported to have cheated on their significant other. For females, on the other hand, only 13% were reported to have cheated. The study concluded that males cheat more often than women.

Female Cheaters Are Driven By Loneliness

Female cheaters do not fit the usual cheater stereotype. They are not driven by ego or lust. Mostly, they are driven by loneliness. In short, they just want someone to be with or someone who can give them the attention that they are craving. For this item, the main lesson would be for men to invest their time and attention unto their wife or girlfriend.

Males More Likely To Cheat On Their Birthdays

According to a 2014 survey, males who are celebrating a milestone birthday (for example, 30s or 50s), are more likely to seek out an affair. Females can also have this tendency, however, at a lesser degree when compared to males. When your partner’s birthday is rolling in, it’s best to be extra attentive. Also, you have to make sure that your foundation is solid and that your connection is strong.

Just because some items on the list above may apply to your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your partner is cheating. Remember that trust should make up your relationship’s foundation. If you feel like something needs to be improved, then take proactive steps to solve your relationship issues. For more interesting posts about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.