Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Experience

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Very much like the normal dating scene, online dating has two sides – the good side and the bad side. The good side being that you’re  having the time of your life meeting new people, chatting up a storm with this beautiful girl from half way around the world, dozens of people checking out your profile every day, etc. The bad side being that your profile is boring, no one is checking it out, and you’re right back to where you started in your dating life – back to zero.

Online Dating Can Be Fun And Successful

This happens to a lot of people and not just you. It usually happens in the beginning where first time online daters dive right in without knowing the Dos and Don’ts of the online dating world. And, it’s not just that reason alone. There are several factors to why you’re having the “bad side” of the experience but the good news is you can always turn it around!

#1: Describe yourself with a goal in mind

This first item has something to do with how you describe yourself in your profile and how you describe yourself to a person you’ve just met online. How do you answer: “Can you tell me about yourself?” Where do you even begin? Here’s a good technique to narrow it down a bit.

As mentioned, you have to have a goal in mind when answering this question and that goal should be to find your SOULMATE. Believe it or not, this can’t be done by telling people that you’re anything and everything. That’s just not realistic! If you have the entire Harry Potter Collection or if you can repeat the famous lines of famous movies, why not put it out there?

Introduce yourself with honesty and uniqueness without losing sight of your goal.

#2: Drop group photos

Imagine seeing a profile of a girl with several men in her photo(s). It just sends the wrong message and it may be the reason why you’re not getting any “hits”. The same goes with guys! The better approach would be to take nice photos of YOU getting your smile or doing a hobby. Profile photos should be just YOU and then maybe for supplemental photos you can upload pictures of you kayaking, walking your dog, or similar.

#3: Know and follow online dating safety rules

Now this one is the most important of them all. You have to protect yourself and your information because there are people out there who have totally misused and taken advantage of online dating. Do not post/give out personal information like your address. Don’t even mention that you go to this bar every Friday night if you don’t completely trust/know the person you’re talking to.

For more information about safe online dating, check AnastasiaDate’s anti-scam policy page.

Ready to have a better experience?

There are several other tips that you can follow and it’s not just these three. In your part, you have to do your homework and really put the effort in if you want to have a better experience with online dating. You’ll later find out that all your efforts have paid off when you have experienced love again or for the first time.