Biggest Red Flags in Online Dating

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A red flag in online dating is an indicator that someone may be trying to exploit another person. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people prone to such activities and that is why knowing how to detect a potential dating scam is crucial. In this article, we are going to take a look at what are the four most common red flags one can find when dating online. Here is the list.

Common Online Dating Red Flags

1. Money

By far, the biggest red flag in online dating is when one person gets in contact with someone and asks them for money. Some scammers take very long to ask for it while others don’t. There are many reasons why scammers say they need the money – they have lost their job, they need to pay the rent or pay for school. Medical bills are also very high on the list of reasons. This red flag should not be taken lightly. A lot of people think that they would neve fall prey for a scammer but still – plenty of them have lost large sums of money.

2. Making Excuses

If you have been online dating for a while now and have made several attempts of either meeting face to face or having a video chat and the other person keeps coming up with excuses to avoid all that – you may be dealing with a scammer. It may be that the woman is a little shy and needs to feel more sure about meeting you but if it goes on for a long period of time something is up.

3. Inconsistencies

You will find that even professional liars cannot keep their lies going for a long period of time. If you notice that the person you’ve been talking to suddenly changes relevant facts like when her birthday is or other personal information then tread carefully. It is okay to confuse some information sometimes but if this keeps coming up – something is most likely wrong.

4. Messages Don’t Sound Natural

A reason for that happening could be that the ladies don’t always have the best English language skills but if you notice that the messages come across robotic all the time – it isn’t a good sign. If the responses you get don’t feel good intuitively then it is probably best to leave the situation.


This concludes our list of the biggest red flags in online dating. Go through more lists, read more articles about dating scams, remember them and your dating experience should be a lot more pleasant.