Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage

Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage | Anastasia Date

When everything seems to be going right in your relationship, you have to do whatever you can to prevent yourself from sabotaging everything. In most cases, however, we find this difficult to do because we all have baggage that we carry. Because of the weight and the effect of the baggage, we commit relationship self-sabotage.

Prevent Yourself From Committing Relationship Self-Sabotage

Relationship self-sabotage often happens when the couple, or one person in the relationship, is behaving in a way that will cause discord or fighting within the partnership. It sounds very dubious, but in most cases, the person (or people) doing the relationship sabotage isn’t even aware of it. So, the most obvious solution would be to practice awareness together with the following ways:

To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage, You Have To Identify Your Triggers

What do you think triggers anxiety and stress in your relationship? Do you think it’s when you do not talk about your issues? It’s best that you identify what sets you off, and then you talk about it with your partner. You should also know what sets him or her off so you can deal with it together.

How Much Of The Mess Is Yours?

In most cases, we feel like we are in the right. Yes, sometimes. But, we also have to identify moments when we acted incorrectly or too harshly. What is our role in the mess that we made? How much of it is ours? This is where your awareness is going to start. You have to be honest and brave enough to know that your part is so you can move forward.

Separate The Past From The Present

You are not defined by your past. Yes, your past experiences helped shape you into the person that you are right now, but, ultimately, you past will not and should not hold you back.

You are going to play a big part in preventing relationship sabotage. It’s going to take a while because it takes time to foster awareness within one’s self. However, if you make the effort, you will get to a point where you know what you need to improve in yourself and in your relationship. For more tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.