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Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner

Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner | Anastasia Date

If you’re a clingy partner, you shouldn’t expect your relationship to last long. It’s a sad truth you need to accept. Although you can reason out that your clinginess comes from a place of love, it’s possible that your partner may not agree. He or she may be feeling boxed in or smothered. You don’t want your partner to feel this way, of course.

How Not To Become A Clingy Partner

First of all, you have to realize that there’s a better way to show that you love a person or that you want to spend a bit more time with him or her. However, keeping the person all to yourself is stopping them from being their own person. If you do this, your partner will likely be unhappy. You can also come off as needy – a person who always wants attention. So, here’s what you do about it: read more

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Our Partner To Try New Things

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Our Partner To Try New Things | Anastasia Date

When we’ve been in a relationship with our significant other for years, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We get into a routine that we’re comfortable with. Although this is alright in terms of security, it easily gets boring. What happens is that we are not willing to try new things anymore because we are so stuck in our comfortable ways. This could be a problem in the long run.

Encourage Your Partner To Try New Things Without Forcing Him Or Her

No matter how interested we are to try new things, we cannot force our partner to do so when they don’t want to. We have to break our routine and make new ones. But, what can we do if we cannot nag someone into doing the things we want them to do? There’s a healthy approach to this: read more

Yes, Your Taste Changes When You’re In Love, And This Is How

in love AnastasiaDate

You’re in love, everything seems different. The sky seems brighter, you’re always in a happy mood, and everything in the world just seems to be in their right places. But, our mood and perspective aren’t the only ones that are affected when we are in love or in a relationship.

Have You Noticed Food Tastes Different When You’re In Love?

Believe it or not, your preference in food or your taste in flavors change when you are in a relationship. This is according to the results of a research done in Poland and Germany. The researchers looked at 100 couples who had been together from 3 months to 45 years. The smell and taste preferences of the couple participants were tested. read more

Have You Ever Been Career-Zoned?

Have You Ever Been Career-Zoned | Anastasia Date

We meet so many people as we are dating online or in real life. Despite the number of people we say hello to, they won’t always be interested in us romantically. Some just see us as friends. And, there are even those that see us as a potential connection for work. Does being career-zoned ring a bell?

What To Know About Being Career-Zoned

When you are dating actively, you have to be prepared for anything that’s thrown at you. There will be people who will deceive you or will misrepresent themselves. There might also be those who are more willing to be in your network because you will benefit their career or they see you as being a good contact person for their company in the future. read more

Reasons Why Girls Pull Away

Reasons Why Girls Pull Away | Anastasia Date

Men are often left puzzled whenever girls pull away, all of a sudden, from a seemingly developing relationship. It’s a common situation, which, unfortunately, only a handful of guys have seemed to figure out and come to terms with. Why do girls pull away, in the first place? What’s the reason behind the sudden distance?

Solving The Mystery Of Why Girls Pull Away

When you find that a girl you’re interested in seems to be giving you the cold shoulder, it is not because she is complicated. Men usually make the mistake of just attributing this situation to a woman’s complexity but it’s primarily because of a specific reason. Commonly, girls pull away because of the following:

You’re Moving Too Fast

It’s possible that you and the girl you like may not be on the same page. You have to remember that there are types of girls out there that want to slowly build a connection with someone. They want to take their time. You could be moving faster than her timeline which is why she’s creating a bit of space between the two of you.

You’re Not Telling Her How You Feel

One possible reason why girls pull away is you may have pulled away first without noticing it. She may have just felt that you’re not into the budding relationship enough which is why she is distancing herself a bit. Double check your actions – the way you talk, the words you use, and the way you act during your dates.

She’s Not Into You

This has to be the most painful reason on the list. Sometimes, we have to admit that not all relationships are meant to be. One person may feel this way, but the other person feels something totally different. If this is the case, it’s time for you to start your process of moving forward.

How Would You Know What The Reason Is?

There may be other reasons why girls pull away that are not included in this list. The ones we have are very common reasons, but the best way for you to know why there’s a bit of distance that is existing is to ask. Have a sincere conversation with the girl you like. Be ready to accept her answer, but, on the other hand, she might just have a valid reason that can make you feel more at ease.

Communication is the key even though you are not officially in a relationship. For more tips on how to approach dating situations, check out more articles on our blog.