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Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner

Different Ways To Avoid Being A Clingy Partner | Anastasia Date

If you’re a clingy partner, you shouldn’t expect your relationship to last long. It’s a sad truth you need to accept. Although you can reason out that your clinginess comes from a place of love, it’s possible that your partner may not agree. He or she may be feeling boxed in or smothered. You don’t want your partner to feel this way, of course.

How Not To Become A Clingy Partner

First of all, you have to realize that there’s a better way to show that you love a person or that you want to spend a bit more time with him or her. However, keeping the person all to yourself is stopping them from being their own person. If you do this, your partner will likely be unhappy. You can also come off as needy – a person who always wants attention. So, here’s what you do about it: read more

Eating And Drinking Your Way To Dating Successfully

Eating And Drinking Your Way To Dating Successfully | Anastasia Date

There are plenty of posts online that give you tips on dating successfully. Some include dressing up the for the date, others say that you have to plan the date in advance. These are all accurate, but planning the date and dressing up is just a few things you need to do. On top of those, you have to be smart about where and how you eat and drink.

Dating Successfully Means Eating And Drinking The Right Way

On this blog post, you’ll read about practical tips for choosing the place you’re going to have your date, as well as tips on the food and drinks you need to order: read more

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space | Anastasia Date

If your girlfriend wants space, don’t make a big deal out of it. To most men, the words, “I need some space” translates to trouble and, eventually, a breakup. It’s not always the case, keep this in mind. Most men automatically panic and do things they shouldn’t be doing when their girlfriend wants space.

NEVER Do The Things On This List When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

It’s understandable for you to be concerned when your girlfriend is asking for some time off from your relationship. She could be struggling with something that she doesn’t want to tell you about. Or, she could just be really tired about everything that she’s doing. It’s also possible that she feels that you might be acting clingy. There are a number of possibilities. Whatever the reason is, you should never do the following: read more

Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Finding Love

Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Finding Love | Anastasia Date

No matter how much effort you put into finding love, you never seem to get what you want. A continuous cycle of this situation will leave you hopeless. Despite this, we encourage you to still look forward to things that are coming. Don’t give up on finding love just yet. Even if you’re heart is hurting right now, there are still reasons that could make you hold on.

Science Says, You Should Never Give Up On Finding Love

Aside from the all-known fact that love is one of the best feelings in the world, Science could convince you to still hold on to the little hope you have for the following reasons: read more

The Most Common Millennial Dating Problems

The Most Common Millennial Dating Problems | Anastasia Date

If you think that millennials have it good, then you better think again. It may be their era, but that doesn’t mean this generation has it easy. Just like all of us, millennials also have problems with their career, with their families, and, especially, with their love lives. Read on if you want to know the most common millennial dating problems this generation goes through.

Millennial Dating Problems You Need To Know About

It’s no secret that millennial dating is quite different from how other generations dated. With all the gadgets and information available, millennial dating is very specific. This age group goes through the following common problems: read more