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Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful

Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful | Anastasia Date

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you already know how stressful it is to find someone you may have a genuine connection with. There are those who may find online dating easy, but the majority of us know the hardships involved when you are finding the one online. Could there be a reason behind this?

We Stress Over Finding The One Because We Believe In Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about finding the one. Our false beliefs are actually are one of the major causes of stressful online dating. We believe, men and women alike, that we need to stumble on so many wrong ones before finally landing on the perfect partner. We become picky and stress over preferences because of the following: read more

Don’t Invite Your Date Home Unless You Do These Tasks

invite your date home anastasiadate

When you hear the phrase bachelor’s pad, you think of a sleek apartment, with high-end furniture. You may also think that the owner of the said apartment is a man of the world – stylish, well-spoken, and well-read. Most often than not, this only appears in movies. Some of the bachelor pads of today don’t really resemble the bachelor pads in movies. Despite this, there’s one lesson that you need to remember – your apartment can say a lot of things about you. On that note, you probably shouldn’t invite your date home unless you’ve done the tasks on the list below. read more

Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Did you know that rest is one of the many fundamental needs of humans? Yes, it’s true. For us to function properly, we need to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for those of us with partners, we can’t always say that we are getting the ZZZs that we need. This is probably why most Americans said that they would wish to have a sleep divorce.

What Is Sleep Divorce And How Can You Benefit From It?

A mattress company did a recent survey involving about 3000 Americans. According to their finding, 31% of their participants would like to go on a sleep divorce so they can get some rest. Sleep divorce is basically you and your partner not sleeping in the same room or the same bed. This doesn’t mean that the couple doesn’t love each other anymore, of course. Most just want to get enough sleep to wake up energized and perky in the morning. read more

This Is How Phishing Scams Trick Information Out Of You

This Is How Phishing Scams Trick Information Out Of You | Anastasia Date

In case you’re not familiar with what phishing scams are, they’re online scams that involve emails, messages, phone calls, and even websites to get information from you. The main goal is to steal money with the use of your personal information. Bank details, as well as credit card details, are the most common type of information that scammers are aiming to extract from you.

Your Information Is Being Fished By Phishing Scams

To make you more aware of how phishing scams extract information from you, here’s a list of tactics that online scammers usually use: read more

The Biggest Dating Frustration Women Of Today Have

The Biggest Dating Frustration Women Of Today Have | Anastasia Date

If you have been wondering about what you’re doing wrong in your dating life, you’re going to find out today. You may not have noticed it, but you were probably doing something that potential dates might not have liked. Do you know what this dating frustration is?

Are You Doing This Dating Frustration Without Even Knowing It?

You may be thinking, “Hhhhm, what am I doing wrong?” You’ve been a gentleman during all of your online interactions. You’ve never been rude. You always made sure that you appeared approachable. So what gives? Yes, you might have been doing all of these, but what you have not been doing is creating an atmosphere of great conversations. read more