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The Lasting Relationship Advice Experts Are Wrong About

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There is no perfect relationship, everyone knows that. Even in romance novels and movies, the couple always encounters problems and they may or may not end up resolving them. But, while there is no perfect relationship, history tells us that we can always aim for a lasting relationship. In our efforts to make our relationship last, we need to discern advice that we need to listen to and advice that we should totally ignore (even when they come from experts).

Have We Been Following Wrong Advice For A Lasting Relationship All This Time?

For all of use to know, we’ve compiled three of these inaccurate pieces of advice that relationship experts have suggested. See the list below and spot the ones that you have already heard of or even followed: read more

The Emojis To Never Use In Online Dating

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Who doesn’t love emojis? They are fun, they are cute and they help us show our prospective partner that we are just kidding when we say we’d be willing to kill a person for a nice glass of merlot. We can rely on them to express what written speech can’t, and we love how we can use all of them freely and lightly both in friendly chats and in online dating, right? Wrong.

In Online Dating You Need To Avoid These Emojis Like The Plague

Even though emojis are now an integral part of our online communication, enriching our experience and helping us to express ourselves better, some of them are best avoided in online dating. Find out which ones you shouldn’t be using, as they can be reasons for offense and major turn-offs.


Can we be completely honest here? There must be 1 or 2 people around the world who have ever used the eggplant emoji literally. Probably a chef asking someone to buy some in order to make moussaka, and me asking my mum to make me ratatouille. Other than that, it’s been widely used as a phallic symbol that is very likely to cause offense and send out the wrong signals, unless you are having that sort of chat.


The second naughtiest emoji out there, the otherwise innocuous and delicious summer fruit has been directly linked with a lady’s derriere, for obvious reasons. In fact, Emojipedia took a random sample of real time, English-language tweets using the peach emoji and it analyzed them. Within 12 hours, Emojipedia collected 1,618 tweets and subsequently removed retweets to get a dataset of 571 tweets. From these, it was found that “like”, “a*s”, “peach”, “badgirl”, and “booty” were the top 5 words in tweets featuring said emoji. Need we say more?


Unless you have been online dating with a girl for some time, the kiss-blowing emoji might come out us lame and creepy, so you need to use it with caution and not hurry into it.


Could be cheeky and fun when used in moderation or silly and annoying if used a lot. Do you want a lady to take you seriously or do you want to look like a fool? Just imagine if you kept winking as you flirted with a girl IRL.


Even worse than the winking face is the ridiculous winking face with the stuck-out tongue. Who would wink and stick their tongue out all at once? It’s all a bit too much, isn’t it?


Nothing screams “sleazeball” harder than the smirking face emoji. Most ladies are put off by it, as it either followed by some dirty remark, or it follows one. Tellingly, Emojipedia describes it as follows: “A sly smile often used with a sexual, or smug connotation. On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that this person snaps you frequently, but you do not frequently snap them in return.” There must be a reason.

So, even though the cute little faces and innocent fruit and vegetables on our computer and mobile phones may seem harmless, have you ever thought that they could be the reason why you fail to get a positive response in online dating?

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The Networking Tips That Work Well As Simple Dating Tips

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Who would have ever thought that the ideal approach to networking would work equally well as simple dating tips? The idea of networking is not very romantic at all. However, when you strip the practice down to simplified ideas, you can definitely get tips that you can apply to your dating life.

Simple Dating Tips You Get Through The Practice Of Networking

Networking is defined as the act of exchanging information or services among individuals, groups or institutions. The definition has nothing to do with dating, yes. But, the idea of meeting people, and then creating and maintaining a relationship with them is what’s going to help give you ideas on how to date the right way:

1. Do It In A Genuine Way

It’s no secret that you have to mingle when it comes to dating and networking. Most likely, you will meet people with a variation of personalities, beliefs and even social standing. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t puff yourself up just to impress the person you’re talking to. Approach dating (and networking) in a way that doesn’t comprise who you truly are.

2. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

In connection with the first tip, don’t be afraid to approach someone who may seem intimidating. Talk to this person, show genuine interest, and let your charm come out (yes, you have charm). You have to get out of your comfort zone from time to time and learn to deal with rejection.

3. Always Dress To Impress

What do you wear to a networking event? Of course, something professional-looking. You don’t have to, necessarily, wear the same thing when you’re on a date. However, the main idea is always to dress in a way that could make a good first impression. Whether you like it or not, humans naturally form an idea of who you are by the way you look. So, looking sharp, clean and savvy will always do you good.

4. Improve Your Small Talk

Whenever you’re on a date, you don’t exactly jump into asking the hard-hitting questions just yet. The same goes for networking. You have to work your way to the deeper questions.This is why it’s essential for you to improve your skills in small talking.

5. Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t be too desperate for attention or approval when you’re on a dating or attending networking events. It’s simply unattractive.

Now, when you follow the tips, you can do well in dating and networking. For more relationship and dating advice, check out the rest of our blog here.

Signs That Say You Need To Change The Way You Are Meeting New People

Signs That Say You Need To Put More Effort Into Meeting New People | Anastasia Date

Have you been hitting misses lately when you’re meeting new people to date? Whether you are online or offline dating, you won’t have any luck if your mindset isn’t right. Yes, believe it or not, the way we look at dating affects the result of our escapades in more ways that you can imagine. Meeting new people is easy because putting yourself out there is easy. The hard part comes from knowing how to talk, what to talk about, how you act, and so on.

These Signs Will Tell You That You Don’t Have The Right Mindset When Meeting New People

Below, we’ve listed down signs that might point towards you making little to no effort into improving your dating life. See if you can spot some of your behaviors below:

1. You Don’t Prioritize Dating

Do you get excited whenever you get a new message on the online dating website that you are on? If not, then you may not be prioritizing finding love that much. Sure, you have your work to worry about, but the key is to strike a good balance between dating and giving importance to other aspects of your life. Allow yourself to see dating as a priority.

2. No One Is Asking You About Your Dating Life

What was the last thing that you talked about with your friends? If it’s not about your love life, take it as a sign. Usually, when you are actively dating, your friends ask you several questions about this and that. Updates are demanded which can be annoying, but at least it’s a great sign that you’re putting engaged and motivated to meet someone.

3. You Don’t Make An Effort When It Comes To Your Looks

If you’re not putting an effort into the way you dress or the way your hair looks, you might not be putting any effort into dating as well. Think about it. If you meet new people, you always want to look good. This isn’t to say that you have to be a GQ-esque model, but just groom yourself and wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion.

4. You Don’t Approach People You Are Interested In

Do you always see this guy or girl every day at the coffee shop where you get your coffee from? Why not ask him or her out on a date? Doing this is also putting yourself out there. If you are that determined to look for a date, then you have to face your fears and go for it.

Share these tips if you found them helpful. For more essential tips on meeting new people, read more on our blog.

Doing These Small Things Affects Your Image Without You Realizing It

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We talk about being spontaneous and genuine all the time, and it is generally thought to be a virtue being able to accept yourself for exactly who you are. However, some of your most subtle behaviors can have a massive effect on your image and how others feel around you.

Certain Behaviors And Their Impact On Your Image

You may think that people don’t generally notice some of the smallest things you do, believing they can go under the radar and that you can get away with doing certain small things. If so, you’ll be surprised to read about the small details people notice about you.

#1. Your Posture
In general terms, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking how to sit or stand around others. However, our body language – and more specifically how ‘open’ we are to the people standing opposite us – is a major influencer of how we are perceived. A little trick if you want to show someone you’re interested in them is to avoid crossing your arms and to lean a little forward as they speak to you.

#2. Checking Your Mobile
Whether you’re on a date, a night out with friends, a job interview, or just casually drinking coffee with your mates, glancing at your phone is an indicator that you’re not particularly engaged in the conversation and that you have better things to do than concentrate on them. It’s a rude behavior people engage in without even realizing it all the time.

#3. Your Grooming Habits
Sure, you may feel too bored to shave or groom your beard one day, and don’t feel like wearing perfume the next; but if you regularly neglect to take care of your appearance, the image you portray will be of someone who’s unkempt and lacking confidence or the drive to maintain good hygiene.

#4. Wearing Sunglasses Around People
It’s one thing to wear your sunglasses when you’re out in the sun, but keeping them on when you’re inside a building or commuting is another. Hiding behind dark lenses can be detrimental to your image, as it keeps your eyes; one of people’s most expressive means, unseen. This creates a sense of guilt or aloofness, and it can be seen as off-putting; rude even.

#5. The Way You Talk
We’re not talking about the things you say, but how you say them. Speaking in a very low-pitched voice can make you sound timid and insecure, keeping your tone monotonous can create an image of someone who’s too dull and uninteresting, while talking loudly or in a very high-pitched voice can make you sound too boastful or assertive. The best way to go about it is to add variety to the way you talk, using the right intonation for important things and talking more calmly when it comes to less serious or exciting matters.

All in all, it becomes clear that our image is not something we can control entirely, nor is it something that should determine every little detail of our behavior. Yes, there are certain things we can/ should improve, but we should not be too tough on ourselves. At the end of the day, it is our imperfections that make us lovable.

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