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Manipulative Dating Games You Should Watch Out For

Manipulative Dating Games You Should Watch Out For

It’s sad to think that there are a lot of online and offline daters who play manipulative dating games so they can toy with the emotions of others. They sour the experience for everyone else who is truly set on finding the right person, whether through online dating, app dating, or dating in real life.

Never Fall For These Manipulative Dating Games

As you are dating, you should also be protecting yourself from those who have questionable intentions. For you to do this, you have to be aware of different manipulative dating games so you can easily remove yourself from unfavorable situations: read more

Is Phone Addiction Ruining Your Relationship?

Is Phone Addiction Ruining Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

We are in the digital age and practically everyone has a phone or a gadget. Although it’s working out wonderfully for our dating life and for communication, the digital era doesn’t come without adverse effects. Phone addiction, for example, is something that has become common in our society. Little do we know, it’s affecting our romantic relationships in a bad way.

Signs That Say You Have A Bad Case Of Phone Addiction

Definitely, when you are addicted to your phone, you are always going to be on it. It’s an obvious sign. But, to confirm phone addiction, you have to watch out for signs that are not so obvious: read more

Is It Alright To Secretly Check The Email Or Texts Of Your Partner?

Is It Alright To Secretly Check The Email Or Texts Of Your Partner? | Anastasia Date

You have a totally different opinion than the beautiful woman you met online. Naturally, it is the same when it comes to couples. Each couple has their own opinion about a certain situation. For example, the question about whether or not it is ok to secretly check the email, chats, texts of your partner has mixed answers. Some couples are ok with it because they may believe in total transparency.

To Secretly Check The Email Of Your Partner Is A Sign Of Distrust

Generally, no one likes a person who is snooping around different inboxes in a shady or secret way. When you put this situation into a relationship, things can get messy because it is a clear sign of distrust. As mentioned, there are couples who might be OK with it, but their opinion is not of the majority. Almost everyone feels like to secretly check the email or text of the person you’re dating as a red flag.

What To Do When You Are The Suspicious One

If you are the one with all the suspicious feelings, it’s best to tell your partner about it. If he or she is serious about your relationship, a discussion will take place. What you did or want to do may hurt your partner so he or she will react negatively at first to your confession. Give him or her time, as well as the reassurance that you want to get past feelings of insecurity.

Why Do You Feel This Way?

Experts say that we might feel the urge to check our partner’s different inboxes is because we have gone through the same scenario in the past. We may have been lied or cheated on with the use of email or social media. Although we have gotten passed the situation, there will always be that burning question in our head when we are in a new relationship, “Will it happen to me again?” We don’t trust our judgment and we don’t fully trust our partner.

We need to recognize that our urge to do check our partner’s email or texts is unhealthy. This is something that we need to deal with from within. Our partner may be willing to help, but ultimately it will be up to us. For more relationship tips, read more on the blog.

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy | Anastasia Date

In most cases, we really want to encourage our partner. However, we cannot force the person to do what we want just because it is good for them. But, there’s always a way for us to encourage the people that we care for without being too pushy.

Instantly Encourage Your Partner To Be The Best

There’s a certain technique called the Motivational Interview. Commonly, it is used for addiction patients or other people who have difficulty changing their ways. It focuses on the subject’s own motivation, rather than being directive or forceful. It zooms in on what the subject “might want to do,” instead of what the subject “should or ought to do.” So, how can this type of interview be done? There are a couple of steps to it: read more

Are You Dealing With A Pretender?

Are You Dealing With A Pretender | Anastasia Date

When you are dating online, you will encounter a lot of people of different statuses and background. Some of those, sad to say, will not have pure intentions towards you. So, as you are meeting new people on the internet, you have to know if you’re dealing with a pretender.

Major Signs That Say You’re Dealing With A Pretender Online

Yes, knowing if a person is lying about him or herself is a skill. You have to hone this skill so that you can protect yourself while you’re finding true love online. What are the major signs that say you’re dealing with a pretender? read more