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App Dating Promises You Need To Make Before 2018 Ends

App Dating Promises You Need To Make Before 2018 End | Anastasia Date

How has your dating experience been this 2018? Has it been exciting? Have you met plenty of matches through your dating apps? If your answer is yes, then it’s fantastic. But, despite this, you may still be doing a few things that are not enabling you to reach your full dating potential. To remedy this, you have to make app dating promises that you should keep in 2019.

Have A Better Dating Life By Keeping These App Dating Promises

Think of app dating promises as New Year’s resolutions. You have to keep them and stick to them so you can make a positive improvement in yourself or your life. So, what exactly should you promise yourself as you use dating apps? read more

You Have To Try These Holiday-Based Conversation Starters

You Have To Try These Holiday-Based Conversation Starters | Anastasia Date

Are you worried about dating online this holiday? Well, you shouldn’t. A lot of studies have cited a spike int he number of people who are online dating will occur. This means more people for you to meet, even if it’s just digitally. But, how will you start up a conversation with these people? What conversation starters should you use?

Holiday-Based Conversation Starters For Introverts

The gift of gab was not bestowed upon every one of us. Some have to practice and hone their conversation skills to maintain people’s attention. If this sounds like you, then you’re going to need these holiday-based conversation starters to get the ball rolling: read more

Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say

Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say | Anastasia Date

If you want to understand women, what you can do is observe what women do instead of listening to what women say. For example, when you are dating, a woman might say that she doesn’t like bad boys but most of the time the kind of men she dates are bad boys.

See What Women Do And You’ll Know How They Really Feel Inside

Men have always been taught to listen to what a woman is saying, and that’s not a wrong notion. However, when applied to dating people you have to listen and see. Here’s how you approach this situation:

1. Listen First

Of course, you have to listen first. For example, when you are online dating, you have to establish rapport first. Then, when you are chatting, you have to listen to what your potential date is saying. You can, then, get your cues from what your date is saying. read more

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy | Anastasia Date

In most cases, we really want to be encouraging to the love of our life. However, we cannot force the person to do what we want just because it is good for them. But, there’s always a way for us to encourage the people that we care for without being too pushy.

Instantly Encourage Your Partner To Be The Best

There’s a certain technique called the Motivational Interview. Commonly, it is used for addiction patients or other people who have difficulty changing their ways. It focuses on the subject’s own motivation, rather than being directive or forceful. It zooms in on what the subject “might want to do,” instead of what the subject “should or ought to do.” So, how can this type of interview be done? There are a couple of steps to it: read more

These Are The Reasons Why We Need To Try Spooning

These Are The Reasons Why We Need To Try Spooning | Anastasia Date

When you have been in a relationship with your significant other for quite some time, most of your romance flies out the window. You become complacent and comfortable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, when we accept that romance isn’t needed, our relationship might suffer. There’s one quick way to get all of those loving feelings back. Why not try spooning?

Try Spooning To Get The Sparks Back In Your Relationship

Spooning is a simple act. Basically, it’s another word for cuddling. Because of how busy our lives are, we rarely show affection to our significant other. This has to change especially if you want your relationship to stay alive. So, what are the benefits of spooning?


According to experts, cuddling or spooning promotes relaxation. There has been a good number of studies that say you’ll sleep better when your partner is beside you. If you want to be more restful the next morning, try cuddling.

Closer Connection

As you know, spooning promotes closeness. In fact, experts suggest spooning to couples during counseling sessions. This is because spooning releases the hormone called oxytocin. This is also referred to as the love hormone. It is released whenever we make physical contact with our partner.

Alternate Form Of Intimacy

We can’t always have physical intimacy with the person we love. We feel tired sometimes. This is especially true if you have a family to take care of. Instead of feeling guilty because you don’t spend time in the bedroom anymore, why not try cuddling since it produces a similar effect?

Spooning Is Simple

The last benefit is that spooning is simple. You don’t have to prepare anything like when you go on a date. All you have to do is cuddle up with your partner.

It’s wonderful to think that there are ways to become closer to your significant other without doing a lot of things. Spooning doesn’t require too much effort. Also, it will likely happen right before bedtime, so it’s a good way to feel closer to your partner as you get a good night’s rest. Not everyone wants to try spooning, but now that the benefits are evident, they might change their mind. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.