What You Must Understand About Controlling People

What You Must Understand About Controlling People | Anastasia Date

Are you constantly conflicted in your relationship? Then, you might be dating a control freak. Controlling people are the most toxic people in your life. You have to understand that they are very good at what they do too.

Facts About Controlling People You Have To Know

In order to deal with what you have right now and be happier in your love life, learn to identify the things that make-up controlling people:

1. Being Critical

A huge characteristic or sign of controlling people is that they constantly criticize other people. It seems that everyone has a fault except them. In a relationship, they would want to beat down their partners with words so that eventually, they will feel powerless from constant criticism. That way, they cannot fight back anymore.

2. Love And Acceptance Are Conditional

You will constantly hear conditions in every good thing that they do. This can be very difficult in a relationship because the controlling partner has the tendency to become violent. If they don’t get what they want in the manner or time that they want it, then surely, you will be in big trouble.

3. Isolate

A controlling person will find it hard to dominate their partners when there are other people, especially family, around. So as much as they can, they will isolate you so that they cannot be accountable for their actions and also so that you will not have somebody to back you up.

4. Keeping Score

Controlling people keep an imaginary scorecard. They keep track of the good things that they do for you and ask for something in return. Even if you do more good things, that does not matter. What only matters is their contribution to the relationship.

5. Guilt Tripping

Their primary tool for motivation is guilt. They will make you feel guilty for every little thing so as to bend you to their wishes. They want you to become like a puppet.

At some point in our lives, we want to have some control. However, totally controlling people can suck the life out of you because of their ways. If you are in a relationship with a controlling person, just know that it won’t get better. You must have the courage to move forward. For more posts about dating, make sure you visit the rest of the blog.