The Lasting Relationship Advice Experts Are Wrong About

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There is no perfect relationship, everyone knows that. Even in romance novels and movies, the couple always encounters problems and they may or may not end up resolving them. But, while there is no perfect relationship, history tells us that we can always aim for a lasting relationship. In our efforts to make our relationship last, we need to discern advice that we need to listen to and advice that we should totally ignore (even when they come from experts).

Have We Been Following Wrong Advice For A Lasting Relationship All This Time?

For all of use to know, we’ve compiled three of these inaccurate pieces of advice that relationship experts have suggested. See the list below and spot the ones that you have already heard of or even followed:

Having the right behavior.

We have all heard that we need to have the right behavior in order to keep the person we’re with. The truth is, the right behavior may have attracted our partner now, but always behaving the right way will not necessarily keep them in our arms. Because we are humans, we may fall from grace from time to time, but that’s just part of our beauty. If we exhibit the wrong behavior, our partner should just deal with our flaws as long as we make it up to them.

You need to heal yourself to find love.

When a relationship coach tells you that you need healing, then that means you are broken. That may give you a stigma and it would be very hard for you to break out of it. Instead of empowering you to move forward, this advice will make you step back years into your past in order to deal with each hurt. Because you’re thinking that you are not “whole”, you may put your search for love on hold.

You need to remove negative emotions.

First of all, there are no negative emotions. It is the actions that we do in response to these emotions that turn out negative. Emotions are energy and if you’re a science geek, you’ll know that energy cannot be cleared nor eliminated. All we can do is accept how we feel and try our best to see the brighter side of our situation.

What You Need To Know For A Lasting Relationship

If there’s something that you need to know in order to attain a lasting relationship, it is that the two parties involved should invest effort into building everything. There is no easy way to do it. Perhaps the attraction was easy – looks, charisma, intelligence – but maintaining a healthy relationship will entail a lot more effort to make it continue and become productive. For other tips, check out our blog.