This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy | Anastasia Date

In most cases, we really want to encourage our partner. However, we cannot force the person to do what we want just because it is good for them. But, there’s always a way for us to encourage the people that we care for without being too pushy.

Instantly Encourage Your Partner To Be The Best

There’s a certain technique called the Motivational Interview. Commonly, it is used for addiction patients or other people who have difficulty changing their ways. It focuses on the subject’s own motivation, rather than being directive or forceful. It zooms in on what the subject “might want to do,” instead of what the subject “should or ought to do.” So, how can this type of interview be done? There are a couple of steps to it:

1. Reinforce Their Freedom

For you to encourage your partner effectively, you have to let him or her know that they have the freedom to decide on things that they want. Allow your date to feel that his or her freedom is not being threatened.

2. Positive Motivation

To find positive motivation, you simply have to ask positive questions. For example, instead of asking why your date or partner is not doing this or that, ask what he or she might do instead.

3. Repeat Points Of Agreement

When trying to encourage your partner to do something, the biggest mistake that you can make is if yo get stuck on something negative that your date or partner has mentioned. It’s best to go back to the points that you agree on.

This technique is really useful when you are in a relationship. It’s always beneficial to be encouraging rather than being forceful. You will get your desired results faster. And, the best thing about it is that your partner or date was motivated on his or her own. For more tips about strengthening relationships, read other posts on the blog.