These Warning Signs Indicate That Your Girlfriend Misses Her Ex

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You will meet plenty of sincere ladies online here. However, there are women who go into new relationships even if they are not ready. These women are not insincere per say, but they jump into new relationships right away without being healed from the previous one. How do you spot these women who are still hung up? How would you know if your girlfriend misses her ex?

You Need To Know If Your Girlfriend Misses Her Ex So You Can Move Forward

It’s heartbreaking to even suspect that your girlfriend misses her ex, but you have to know so you can move forward. These are the signs that you should be watching out for:

Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Respond To your Affection

The first sign that you can easily spot is affection. Is your girlfriend responding to your hugs or kisses? If not, then you will definitely notice it. This indicates that she may not want your physical and emotional affection because she wants these from someone else – her ex.

She Holds On To Past Memories

How many past items does your girlfriend still hold on to? If there are photos, shirts, or items from her past relationship that she doesn’t want to give up, take it as a red flag. This can also be true on social media. Does your girlfriend have a hidden folder of photos on her profile?

She Says “I Love You” More Often Than Usual

You may think that saying “I love you” all the time is good. However, it’s possible that your lady is convincing you and herself that she still has feelings for you.

Her Ex Comes Up In Conversations

Has she mentioned her ex lately when you have conversations? Of course, it’s ok that the ex’s name comes up once. But, if it’s something recurring, it’s an indication that your girlfriend misses her ex.

If you spot any of the signs, don’t just do nothing about it. It’s best for you to confront your lady. If it’s confirmed that your girlfriend missed her ex, then you have to talk about what the next proactive step is. You can either work it out, or you can allow your partner to heal by herself. The decision will be up to the both of you. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.