Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics

Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics | Anastasia Date

All relationships, whether it’s dating or marriage, are bound to have rough patches. These are seasons of trials in our lives. Only one person could be experiencing a hard time but it doesn’t mean that the partner won’t be affected at all. The relationship survival, then, depends on the partners’ attitude and behavior towards the obstacles that they are facing.

How Can We Improve Our Relationship Survival Rate?

We are all survivors of mishaps that have happened in our lives. If we can survive our toughest personal challenges, we can definitely do more so with our partner. Two people are stronger than one. On that note, there are certain traits or characteristics that will help increase your chances of relationship survival:

Active Optimism

People who are optimistic in whatever situation are like harnessing the power of self-fulfilling prophecy. Their hope that things will work out for good is contagious and can really make a difference in facing a difficult situation. It seems, when you are with an optimistic person, something is not as hard as it appears to be.

Honesty And Integrity

These things are self-explanatory. An honest partner will help you know that whatever happens, he or she won’t cheat on you or leave you hanging. Your partner will also be able to express what the problem is with all honesty.

Accepting Responsibility For One’s Actions And The Willingness to Forgive

It is so hard to have a partner who is not willing to accept responsibility. He or she will put all the blame on you. Such one-sided relationship will take its toll. Inversely, if you’re with a partner who takes responsibility for his or her actions, you are with a person who is also willing to admit his or her mistake.


Having tenacity is having such uncommon perseverance to stubbornness. But, this is especially good in the face of challenges. This means that your partner is willing to go through the tough times and not retreat when you need them the most.


Self-control with anything is good. It is a trait that is very hard to master, but when you find it in somebody, you have found a gem. It refers to your or your partner’s ability to control impulses and to delay gratification.

Interpersonal Connection

It is always important for people to maintain connected outside of the relationship. A very exclusive relationship that does not include family or friends is bound to fail because there is no support system.

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