If She Does This, It’s Time For You To Move On

Move On | Anastasia Date

In dating, we always hope that the person we like also likes us back. However, we’re not so lucky all of the time. We cannot force a person to be interested in us. What we must do is watch out for signs of disinterest our date is throwing to our faces so we don’t waste anyone else’s time, including our own. We must know when to move on.

Move On If You Don’t Want To Get Your Heart Broken

When we are so interested in the person who we imagine as our potential partner, we miss a lot of signs that say the person isn’t interested in us romantically. If we allow ourselves to be blinded by our feelings, there’s a big chance that we will feel the person rejection deeply. But, how do we know, for sure, that we need to move on?

1. No Replies

If you’ve already sent a good number of messages (let’s say twenty) and the person your interested in still hasn’t replied yet, it’s a blatant sign for you to move on. And, don’t even think about sending any more messages if you don’t want the person to block you.

2. Reluctance To Meet In Person

Let’s say you have been chatting or texting one person for a while. You think that everything is going great, but this person always refuses to meet with you in person. It’s either this or the person only wants to meet you in private places. It sounds fishy, and you shouldn’t be falling for this.

3. Makes Plans, Then Cancels

You never want to be with a person who flakes on you all the time. When a person who truly likes you cancels, it’s not going to be sporadic and it won’t happen often. On the other hand, if the person who’s not into you cancels all the time, then you might not be a priority in this person’s life.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why would a person continue to contact you if they’re not interested. That’s a good point. You really have to take a look at the person’s communication pattern. If he or she truly likes you, it will be consistent. But, if the person only sends you messages once every month, then you should take a hint. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.