Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You?

Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You? | Anastasia Date

We really have to be careful as we meet new people for a romantic partnership. There are those that will have sincere intentions towards, but we cannot hide the fact that there are people, whether online or offline, who might lie to us to get what they want. Do the words of affection that people say reflect how they really feel?

Signs That Her Words Of Affection Are True And Sincere

It hurts when you finally find out that the person you have been dating online or offline has been lying to you. So, from the start, you have to know if someone’s words of affection are real, or just perfume that will fade away after a while? There are some signs that you need to watch out for:

Walk The Talk

It’s not only through words that we can gauge a person. Her words have to match her actions. If they don’t, then it is a big red flag. For example, if she tells you that she has fallen in love with you because you are such a great person, but doesn’t make spending time with you a priority.

Expounding On The Why

When an honest person showers you with words of affection, they usually expound on the “why”. For instance, “I love you because you always make my day happier.” In short, there’s an explanation or an overflowing of the affection because it’s the real deal. Compare that with just say, “I love you”. There’s nothing wrong with just saying the three words, but from time to time, you have to check if your lady expounds on why she cares about you so much.

Treats You Better After Saying The Words Of Affection

Just like walking the talk, your partner has to show that she, indeed, loves you. For example, touching your hand, tapping you on the shoulder, looking at you, eye to eye, etc. She has to show you how special she thinks you are by doing something that makes you feel good.

To round this off, don’ forget to follow your gut as well. Usually, if you have a good sense of awareness, you’ll know instantly when a person is just pulling your tail, or being truly sincere. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.