What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space | Anastasia Date

If your girlfriend wants space, don’t make a big deal out of it. To most men, the words, “I need some space” translates to trouble and, eventually, a breakup. It’s not always the case, keep this in mind. Most men automatically panic and do things they shouldn’t be doing when their girlfriend wants space.

NEVER Do The Things On This List When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

It’s understandable for you to be concerned when your girlfriend is asking for some time off from your relationship. She could be struggling with something that she doesn’t want to tell you about. Or, she could just be really tired about everything that she’s doing. It’s also possible that she feels that you might be acting clingy. There are a number of possibilities. Whatever the reason is, you should never do the following:

1. Demand An Explanation

It’s absolutely necessary that your girl give you an explanation as to why she needs space. However, you should never demand an explanation from her. Simply wait for her to explain what she’s going through.

2. Don’t Attempt To Impress Her

When your girlfriend wants space, she could be needing a break from you. You do not want to aggravate what she’s feeling by trying to impress her by doing everything for her. Give her a bit of distance since that’s what she’s asking for.

3. Stop Bombarding Her With Messages

You might feel like you have to make up for what you thought you did wrong. As a result, you might text your girlfriend constantly to see how she’s doing. You should stop. Just let your girlfriend be.

How To Deal With Your Own Feelings Of Worry

Give your girlfriend whatever she is asking for. If she’s asking for a few days away from you, give it to her. You cannot do anything about what she’s feeling right now. Just wait. However, when she returns, you need to have a one-on-one talk with her discussing what went wrong and why she needed the space in the first place. Apologize if you were at fault. Make sure that you discuss how to avoid something like this from happening in the near future.

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