The Most Common Millennial Dating Problems

The Most Common Millennial Dating Problems | Anastasia Date

If you think that millennials have it good, then you better think again. It may be their era, but that doesn’t mean this generation has it easy. Just like all of us, millennials also have problems with their career, with their families, and, especially, with their love lives. Read on if you want to know the most common millennial dating problems this generation goes through.

Millennial Dating Problems You Need To Know About

It’s no secret that millennial dating is quite different from how other generations dated. With all the gadgets and information available, millennial dating is very specific. This age group goes through the following common problems:

Different Pages

Millennials are big on goals. They always want to do something that has a big impact on society or themselves. These are good perspectives to have but it might be a problem dating-wise. Commonly millennials have a hard time looking for a person who has the same goals as them.

One-On-One Communication Difficulty

Experts say that most millennials find it hard to communicate verbally because they’re always on their phones or computers. This can lead to a lack of communication when in a relationship. The lack of communication could mean that issues aren’t resolved properly.

Social Media Activities

While other generations are still trying to keep up with the DOs and DON’Ts of social media, millennials can navigate through the different platforms with their eyes closed. The problem with this is one may not like the social media activity his or her partner has. For example, a “Like” on a photo can be interpreted as flirting.

Anxiety About The Future

Generally, the millennial mindset lets this generation ponder, deeply, about what the future is going to be like. The same thing goes with millennial dating. It’s difficult for this generation to feel secure about their individual futures and their future with the person they’re with. Questions like, “Will I end up with this person?” or “Is he or she the one?” arise. There’s nothing wrong with asking one’s self but these thoughts could have an effect on the person’s view of the relationship.

If you’re set on dating a millennial, you have to be aware of these common problems so you can find a fix as early as now. For more dating tips and updates, read more on our blog.