How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life

How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life | Anastasia Date

Can you say that you have been mindful in your dating life? Or, have you just been winging it in your relationships or every time you meet someone new? There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow. But, if you practice mindfulness, you’ll probably have a much better dating life.

Practical Ways To Be mindful To Achieve A Better Dating Life

Being mindful simply means that you are conscious or aware of something. If you’re always distracted by your phone or your social media, then you’re going to have a hard time practicing mindfulness. Learn to focus, first of all. If your partner needs your attention, then focus all of your energy on just that. When you have already worked on your focus, try the following tips:

1. Be In Touch With Your Emotions

To be in touch with your emotions means that you can name whatever it is that you’re feeling. For example, after an argument, you should be able to tell yourself that you feel disappointed and angry. Figuring out and identifying the specific emotion you’re feeling allows you to have a better handle on that emotion.

2. Notice How You Feel Around Your Partner

This is totally different from the first item. What you need to focus on is how your partner is making you feel. Does he or she make you happy? Or, does your partner always leave you frustrated? A similar principle applies here, when you know how your partner is making you feel, then you can openly discuss it with him or her, and move forward.

3. Let Your Curiosity Lead You For A Better Dating Life

Do you ask your partner random questions about their day? You should if you want to become more mindful. When your curiosity is on, so is your focus. Have you ever been curious and distracted with something else at the same time? Probably not. Ask questions to start.

All of these three steps will improve your mental presence, making you more aware of yourself. By extension, you’ll also become more mindful of your partner – how he or she feels, or with his or her needs. Because you are practicing awareness, you’ll be able to address your relationship’s needs quickly. For more tips on improving your dating life, read other posts on the blog.