Anastasia Date: Complaints Women Make About Guys’ Bad First Date Behavior

Anastasia Date: Complaints that should be taken into account by men.

Even though dates are meant to be fun, exciting, and a great opportunity to meet a potential partner, sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan. Anastasia Date: Complaints Women Make About Guys’ Bad First Date Behavior is going to explore some of the most annoying things men do. Take note.

Anastasia Date: Complaints That Should Teach Men A Lesson

Nobody’s perfect, and there is no such thing as a perfect first date, but some things than met do on one can put a lady off them for good. Here are the behaviors that put women off on a first date (in no particular order).

The Chatterbox

First of all, there is the guy who talks non-stop. It may be about his job, his interests, his friends or just about anything. If she can’t get a word in edgewise, she’ll be bored out of her brains and disinclined to ever want to see the guy again. Make your lady feel interesting and special; don’t make it all about you.

The Stuck-On-His-Ex

This is the kind of guy who will compare the girl he’s taken out to his ex. No woman appreciates someone who can’t resist comparing her to his former girlfriend. It’s insulting and super-boring. If you’re not over your ex, pretend you are.

The Nosy Type

Another complaint women make is about the guy who tends to throw a barrage of questions, from general to very personal ones, right after they’re introduced. Nobody likes a curious gossiper, especially on a first date. Asking about her is one thing, interrogating her is another.

The Guy Who’s Too Forward

A little flirt is flattering and welcome when it’s done subtly and within limits. But a guy who openly hits on a lady from the first date will often cause major offense, especially if he is too explicit and rude. Keep your flirting light and fun.

The Phubber

One of the most annoying things women report when it comes to dating is phubbing. When a guy takes out a lady, she should be his center of attention, not his phone. We will say it once again: keep your mobile in your pocket.

The Cheapskate

Not all women are interested in how thick a guy’s wallet it, but they all hate a miser. They hate it when a guy takes them out on a cheap date if he can afford better, because it makes them feel unappreciated and, well, cheap. You don’t need to take your girl to the fanciest restaurant in town if you can’t afford it, but make sure it’s a decent place that doesn’t insult her (or you).

We hope we’ve helped you realize the things women dislike men doing on a first date, and hopefully, you didn’t recognize yourself in any of them. If you enjoy online dating articles, like Anastasia Date: Complaints Women Make About Guys’ Bad First Date Behavior, continue here. For the chance to chat with some of the most breathtaking Eastern European beauties, visit our site. You may also want to download our date and chat app.