Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex

Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex | Anastasia Date

Most of the time, we feel that getting over heartbreak is such a difficult thing to do. Who can blame us? The pain is, sometimes, unbearable. Despite the pain we feel, we need to remember that we can get over it. We just need to make use of cognitive strategies to help us.

Cognitive Strategies To Help Us Move On & Heal From The Pain

We can always trust science to help us out. With different cognitive strategies that are easy to follow, we can train our mind to get over the heartbreak that we are currently feeling:

1. Negative Reassessment

Doing this will allow you to see your ex in a more negative light. When our heart is aching, we always seem to reminisce about the good times. We should stop this immediately. What has your ex done to you that hurt you so badly? What was the reason behind your break up? And, ask yourself, do you think that you will be better off still being in a relationship with all the negative things he or she has done?

2. Distraction

One of the best ways cognitive strategies to get over heartbreak is to find yourself a distraction. Once you feel like you’re ready, you can try online dating to meet someone new. Then that is totally fine. You can distract yourself with other activities like sports or exercise.

3. Reappraisal & Acceptance

In some case, we just have to learn to accept that things we are not meant not be. We should also reappraise our feeling. If we still feel something for our former partner then we must excuse ourselves and say that it is OK to love someone from afar. It is a sad thought but it will allow us to love without the feeling of guilt. Eventually, when we have grown to accept everything, we can start moving on as we pick up the pieces.

It’s not going to be easy to do, but do most of these techniques as much as you can. The more of these techniques you do, the faster you will move on. Have some hope in yourself and in finding love. For more tips on dating, make sure to check the rest of our blog.