Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems

Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems | Anastasia Date

Not everyone knows what the zero dating concept or rule is. It’s fairly new in the dating scene and, to be totally honest, still experimental. It is designed to see if two people who met online actually have chemistry when meeting in real life. All it takes is a one hour meet-up.

How The Zero Dating Concept Works

Let’s be clear that the zero dating concept is not about avoiding new people. It doesn’t say that we cannot date anyone. It merely wants to test the chemistry between two people. These are the steps that are involved in zero dating:

1. Two People Meet Online

As you are dating online, let’s say that you meet a person who sparks your interest. Of course, you double check this person’s profile and photos. You meet online for the first time as you establish initial contact.

2. Getting-To-Know Stage

Inevitably, if this person likes you back, then he or she will chat with you to get to know you more. You exchange messages or you may even do video calling. It all depends on your style, but the main idea is both of you form your first impression with your interaction.

3. Zero Date

Next, that’s when you do zero dating. You ask the person you met online to meet you at a certain place. You have to establish expectations. Tell the person that you are only going to meet for an hour. Doing this lightens your burden if ever you end up not liking the person at all. Once the one hour is up, you can choose to say goodbye or stay together longer.

So why would you go on a “zero date”? Honestly, the perks of communicating online are great. You get to talk to each other and exchange messages instantly, but you’ll be able to know a person better when you have actually met them. When you’re on a “zero date” and everything goes well, you can extend your time to be together longer. After which, you can go on a real first date. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.