Do You Know What Trickle Ghosting Is?

Do You Know What Trickle Ghosting Is? | Anastasia Date

Have you ever heard of trickle ghosting? You have probably heard of just ghosting already as a negative dating trend. Well, this one is a little different, but with some similarities. Trickle ghosting happens when a person you met online keeps in touch with you but ghosts you for a few days. Then, he or she pops up out of nowhere and begins chatting with you again. It’s frustrating, but it happens.

What To Do When You Are A Victim Of Trickle Ghosting

Trickle ghosting is frustrating because you get confused. Is the person doing it really in love with you? Or, even just interested in you? He or she would seem enthusiastic when you are corresponding but would disappear for days, then reappear suddenly. What should you do when someone is trying to do this digital trend to you?

1. Disappearing For Days

After the person shows interest in you, he or she just vanishes out of thin air. Don’t worry if it’s just a day or two because the person might just be busy. However, if it’s four to seven days of silence, then you have to wonder if something is wrong with the situation.

2. Your Still On The Person’s Radar

Although this person has disappeared, he or she is still in your contact list on the dating site you met on. Or, you may still be on the person’s social media. This means that the person is keeping you in his or her radar, possibly, to get tabs on you.

3. Contact Again With An Obvious Pattern

When a person suddenly initiates contact with you after days of radio silence, you have to think that something is up. Probably, this could happen once when a person becomes too busy or has trouble with their internet or laptop. But, if you see a consistent pattern, then you have to re-think everything.

Avoid Trickle Ghosting Today

If you recognize the signs of trickle ghosting, you will easily know if it is being done to you or not. You will protect yourself better. Practice awareness no matter how trustworthy a potential date may seem. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.