Everything You Need To Know About The Advanced-Fee Scam

Everything you Need To Know About The Advanced-Fee Scam | Anastasia Date

When you are dating actively online, you have to really think about your safety. There are so many scams that you can fall for. You may be thinking that you are too smart to give in to them, but there has been a lot of educated people who fell victim to cleverly devised schemes online. A good example of this would be the advanced-fee scam.

Prevent Being The Victim Of An Advanced-Fee Scam

Have you seen some of the emails in your junk folder lately? If not, go to that folder and check some out right now. Chances are, you are going to come across an email an advanced-fee scamming email. So, what is it exactly?

The main content if this email or message is about asking the reader to send or invest a small amount of money so the fraudster can gain access to a bigger sum.

For example, a bank manager from a bank that no one has ever heard of sends you an email and presents an “opportunity”. He or she would like for you to send X amount of money so the processing for a bigger sum (usually frozen because someone passed away and has no family) of money can be started. The manager cannot do it on his or her own because that would be a conflict of interest. Hence, he or she is looking for an investor.

What To Do When Faced With A Scamming Email

You might be thinking that this might be too good of an opportunity for you to pass on, but that’s how the email was designed to make you feel. Scammers word it in a way that it sounds absolutely enticing. But, you should not fall for it because it’s never what it seems.

As soon as you send your money, the scammer will either disappear or will continually coax you into making small but frequent payments for the bigger sum to finally be released. Don’t buy into it.

When you have received an email like this, the best thing for you to do is delete it. There’s a reason why it went straight to your spam folder. Protect yourself while you are online dating or even just doing different online transactions. For more safety tips, read other posts on the blog.