Is It Wedding Day Jitters Or A Marriage Red Flag?

Is It Wedding Day Jitters Or A Marriage Red Flag | Anastasia Date

Almost all brides and grooms experience some nervousness before the wedding one of the biggest days anyone can have in their life. All eyes will be on the bride, and the groom will definitely feel overwhelmed. Among all the emotions that one can experience, wedding day jitters are so to be one of those feelings. But, how will you know if it’s just your nerves or a real marriage red flag?

How To Spot A Marriage Red Flag

With all the scurrying for the wedding preparations, sit down, think, and assess your heart. What is really bothering you? Is it just the checklist, the suppliers, or your wedding ensemble? If you say yes to all of these questions, then it’s just pre-wedding jitters. However, if you think the reason is any of the items on the list below, it could be a marriage red flag:

1. When it’s about the bride or groom

The pre-wedding jitters you are feeling are normal but will dissipate when the wedding day comes or when you are sending your guests off. Maybe you will still feel fidgety because soon, you will no longer have the freedom to do whatever you want. All these are enough to rattle even the most educated and well-ranked person.

But, if your concern is about your groom or bride, your suitability, and how it will go between the two of you for the long-term, then that could be a serious marriage red flag. When you were dating, you don’t really feel any pressure when it comes to your relationship, but not that you’re about to take a life-changing step into your new life, you second guess the person you’re with.

2. When you are getting married because of the preparations

In women’s case, they can be easily swept off their feet and during the course of the preparations, they might not have time to assess what life is going to be like after the wedding. Sometimes, she gets the realization that something is off. But, somehow feels bad about suddenly canceling the wedding, especially after the invitations have been sent off.

What To Do

These marriage red flags should not be taken lightly. Pre-wedding jitters can be calmed down, but the red flags are warnings for impending obstacles in marriage. Are you just concerned about canceling because of all the down-payments to the suppliers? Do not be ashamed. Have the courage to speak up, otherwise, you might lose more than just the down payments if you pursue living with a man or woman that clearly, does not belong in your life. Do share this relationship advice if you found it helpful and read other ones from our blog.