Most Of Us Are The Victims Of “Pocketing” Without Knowing It

Most Of Us Are The Victims Of Pocketing Without Knowing It | Anastasia Date

There have been a lot of dating trends and terms emerging from the scene this past few years. Another one we can add to the slew is pocketing. Just like most dating terms, how it is done has been happening ever since. In fact, most of us might be the victim of pocketing without even knowing it.

Everything You Need To Know About Pocketing

Pocketing happens when your significant other has been hiding you or avoiding introducing you to friends and family. Even on social media, your date is still hiding you. In short, your partner, who you have been seeing for some time is hiding you in public. Ouch! Right? It may be hard to spot, but here are the signs that your partner is pocketing you:

1. Avoiding Friends Or Acquaintances In Public

When you are in public with the person that you are dating, have you ever encountered a situation where your partner said, “We should go this way”? Or, something similar? If yes, then it is obvious that your date is avoiding people that he or she knows.

2. Introducing You Only By Name

In the unlikely chance of your date bumping into friends or family by accident, it’s likely that he or she will only introduce you by name. There’s no label to it like “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”. It’s also likely that your date will introduce you as a “friend,” which is not the ideal situation.

3. The Most Obvious Sign Of Pocketing: Always Making Excuses

There will be a time where you will wonder why your partner is not showing you off. He or she will always make excuses about it. For example, your date’s going to say that his or her family is very strict or lives far away. It’s possible that your date will also say that his or her friends are always so busy with work and with family life.

If you think that you are being pocketed, you have to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Why would your partner hide you? What would the major reason be? It’s possible that he or she may not be that into you as you thought. It’s best to really look at the situation with honesty, no matter how difficult it may be. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.