Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Sleep Divorce Could Be Good For Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Did you know that rest is one of the many fundamental needs of humans? Yes, it’s true. For us to function properly, we need to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for those of us with partners, we can’t always say that we are getting the ZZZs that we need. This is probably why most Americans said that they would wish to have a sleep divorce.

What Is Sleep Divorce And How Can You Benefit From It?

A mattress company did a recent survey involving about 3000 Americans. According to their finding, 31% of their participants would like to go on a sleep divorce so they can get some rest. Sleep divorce is basically you and your partner not sleeping in the same room or the same bed. This doesn’t mean that the couple doesn’t love each other anymore, of course. Most just want to get enough sleep to wake up energized and perky in the morning.

The results of the survey can actually be backed up by other research findings. For example, a University in Toronto discovered that most couples don’t go into deep stages of sleep because they are continually awakened by their partners’ movements or sounds. This can result in grumpiness and a lower level of gratitude towards the relationship says another study done by Berkeley. Gratitude is needed for the relationship to remain strong.

Is A Sleep Divorce For You?

Now, the question becomes: “Is this arrangement for me and my partner?” The answer will depend on what your current situation is. If you feel the strain of not having enough sleep, you should definitely give sleep divorce a try. However, if you’re getting the rest you need with your partner by your side, what’s the point in trying the arrangement out?

Honestly, there are experts who aren’t 100% sure if sleep divorce is effective. Some argue that sleeping is actually a bonding time between two people. If you sleep in different beds, you could lose eight hours of bonding time with your significant other.

However, if it’s an arrangement you think can be beneficial to your relationship both physically and mentally, try spending a few nights in different rooms. Just make sure that you balance it out by spending an equal number of nights on the same bed. For more news and updates on dating and relationships, read more on our blog.