This Is The Main Reason Why Small Romantic Gestures Matter

This Is The Main Reason Why Small Romantic Gestures Matter | Anastasia Date

Giving flowers, chocolates and small notes are romantic gestures that many couples think are no longer necessary. At the beginning of the relationship, of course, doing these plus other gestures of love are essential to building a bond. However, as the years pass, doing romantic gestures every now and then doesn’t seem to have the same spark it once has because of familiarity. As a result, many couples no longer do tiny gestures of love for their partners.

Small Romantic Gestures Can Change Everything

Despite the above fact, we still need to try our best to buy flowers on a whim, or just surprise our partner with one serving of their favorite dish as they arrive home. The main reason is that small romantic gestures can make us happier and make our relationship better.

One survey asked 175 couples who were married for, more or less, seven months about how satisfied they are in their relationship. When asked about how they make their better half happy, some participants said that they did something nice for their partners two or three times in a week. Some of the gestures included helping with the chores or organizing the other person’s workspace.

The gestures that the respective partners acknowledged (meaning that they appreciated what their loved one did) benefited the relationship the most. This made the relationship bond stronger and the couple happier. But, researchers found another interesting result. Those that did gestures of love or small favors were happier whether their partner appreciate what they did or not.

What You Can Learn From The Study

There are plenty of things that you can learn from the study that was mentioned. First, you still need to put effort into showing your loved one that he or she matters. You can do this by doing small romantic gestures. Second, these gestures may not be the traditional flowers, chocolates, and notes. They can be different things like helping with the chores or helping with a project.

Whatever gesture you plan on doing, you just need to shift your perspective and see the value in it. For more tips on improving relationships, read more from our blog.