A Relationship That Is Built To Last Will Have These Indicators

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When in a relationship, we often wonder if the love that we’re feeling for the amazing person we’re with will last. We are hoping it will, but how can we tell for sure that the relationship is built to last? Definitely, we have to make sure that our foundation is right. There should be respect in the relationship. When you have this down, you’ll need to watch out for other indicators.

This Is How You Ensure That Your Relationship Is Built To Last

According to most experts, you only need to watch out for four relationship factors that will tell you that your relationship will survive. It won’t necessarily end up in marriage (because what if you and your partner are not the marrying type?). But, it does tell you that the connection you have with your significant other is something deeper.


As humans, we find it difficult to share our problems with people around us. We sometimes even hesitate to share with people we are close to. So, if your partner is opening up to you, and you are doing the same, it is a great indicator that you trust each other enough to show your vulnerable sides.


Because we are in a relationship, we can’t just think of ourselves anymore. It’s not just about us because we have another person in our life that we should take care of. This is what it means to support the person you’re with – to have someone’s back no matter what.


The next factor is accountability. This allows us to help our partner be the best person. For example, if there’s something that your partner did that’s wrong, you can’t just remain silent. You have to hold him or her accountable for the mistake. Your partner should also be doing the same with you.

Physical Love

There’s no romantic relationship that can last without physical love. You’ll know that your relationship is built to last because you show your emotions through touch. May it be a kiss, a hug, or an intimate act, all these forms of physical love are necessary.

If you don’t spot these indicators, don’t worry. Maybe you’re not there yet. Work on it, and let your partner in on your plan to improve your relationship. Work on it together so both of you can say that you have built a relationship that stands the test of time. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.