Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say

Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say | Anastasia Date

If you want to understand women, what you can do is observe what women do instead of listening to what women say. For example, when you are dating, a woman might say that she doesn’t like bad boys but most of the time the kind of men she dates are bad boys.

See What Women Do And You’ll Know How They Really Feel Inside

Men have always been taught to listen to what a woman is saying, and that’s not a wrong notion. However, when applied to dating people you have to listen and see. Here’s how you approach this situation:

1. Listen First

Of course, you have to listen first. For example, when you are online dating, you have to establish rapport first. Then, when you are chatting, you have to listen to what your potential date is saying. You can, then, get your cues from what your date is saying.

2. Observe

Remember that actions speak louder than words. Now, it’s time for you to connect what your potential date is saying to how she is acting. This should be your basis for moving forward. What she says should be 20% and then how she acts should be 80%.

3. Next Move

Please know that when a potential date says that she is not interested, and her actions coincide with what she’s saying, then you have to stop. However, if she shows interest in her actions, then you have to find a way to coax her interest out of her. You can do this by:

  • Making the conversation more interesting.
  • Try new things together to light the spark.
  • Giving small surprises.

There are women who still play hard-to-get, so you have to apply this technique once in a while. For more tips about relationships and dating, read other posts on the blog.