AnastasiaDate Scam: The Phases Of A Dating Scam

AnastasiaDate Scam: The Phases Of A Dating Scam

There are plenty of online scams that we need to protect ourselves from. This is why it’s so important to always be alert when we are checking our email or messenger, and when we are online dating. We should always look out for red flags, follow our gut, and continue to educate ourselves with reviews. In fact, you’ll find plenty of articles that might be helpful on this AnastasiaDate Scam blog.

Learn About The Phases Of A Scam With These AnastasiaDate Scam Tips

To further enhance our knowledge of how scams work, we need to learn about its different phases. Initially, one might think that scamming a person is a 10-step process. However, surprisingly, it only takes three steps:


The first phase is “Contact”. Scammers will contact you on online dating sites with a fake profile or with a stolen credit card. Commonly, the scammer will say that you guys need to move your communication to email or chat. This is to escape the safety measures of online dating sites. It’s also a way for the scammer to gain your trust.

During this phase, you need to watch out for:

  • Bad grammar
  • Copy-paste messages
  • Inconsistencies in information


Now, the scammer will attempt to get even closer to you. He or she will do this by becoming sweet, romantic, or very open. They are solidifying the trust that they have built during the contact phase. They’re going to tell you their life story or anything that will get you “hooked”.

These are the red flags to watch out for:

  • The scammer will likely isolate you from people who care for you.
  • Detailed messages

The Sting

This phase is where the scammer strikes. He or she will ask you for something, usually money, because you are the only person who can solve his or her problem. Don’t give in to it.

Make sure that you know the phases by heart so you know if you are in a compromised situation or not. We must protect ourselves while we are looking for our match online. It is an essential part of a good online dating experience. For more tips on online safety, make sure to read other posts on the blog.