Anastasia Scam: Be Aware Of A Meta-Scam

Anastasia Scam: Be Aware Of A Meta-Scam

Probably, not a lot of us know what a meta-scam is. It’s basically a message or, more commonly, an email that tells you good things, pretending it is not a scam when it actually is. You’ve probably had your share of these emails, but you just didn’t know that these were already meta-scams. If you’re on the Anastasia Date, you don’t have to worry because you are protected by the Anastasia Scam Policy, but it’s when you are on your own there is a concern. How do you protect yourself from scams like this?

Anastasia Scam: Everything You Need To Know About Meta-Scams

Meta-scams come in different forms. They can be a text message or even a message to your social media accounts. However, as mentioned, the most common form of it is email. Do you ever get those random emails from an Attorney, from a Bank, from an FBI Agent, or the like?

They usually say that they have money stored somewhere and they would like your help to get it. They also include lines about the transaction being confidential. If you’re interested, it needs to be just between you and the email sender. Now, this, alone, sounds suspicious already, so in a meta-scam, to eliminate your doubts, it’s going to have an official transaction number to make the claim sound legitimate.

How Not To Fall For It

By this time, you may already know that this isn’t the type of email that you should be taking seriously. There are a number of reasons why:

  • Usually, the amount they are going to state is insanely tempting. But, it’s too good to be true.
  • Also, the email is going to make it seem like only you will be able to help. That’s highly unlikely especially when talking about a huge sum of money.
  • Don’t fall for the transaction or control number because it is likely made up.
  • Ask yourself why should this transaction be confidential.

All aspects of this deal are just out of tune. It does not sound right, nor does it feel right. Your gut will tell you outright that you shouldn’t reply to the email. It would serve you right to listen to your intuition. Do share this post so others also know what meta-scams are and how they can protect themselves from it. For more preventive Anastasia Scam tips, read other posts on the blog.