Elements Every Successful Relationship Has (And No, It’s Not Sex)

The 3 elements every successful relationship needs.

Even though great sexual chemistry is never a bad thing, blissful relationships are about much more than being compatible between the sheets. In fact, there are three key elements every successful relationship has.

Is Yours A Successful Relationship?

To determine whether what you and your girl have is, indeed, a good and viable relationship, you need to consider whether it possesses the following three elements.

#1. Effective Communication

There’s a reason why communication is so often cited as the number one characteristic of every successful relationship. All you have to do to understand its importance is to imagine a relationship where partners don’t communicate well. It’s really one of the most serious reasons why seemingly strong relationships fail every day.

#2. Being Friends

We don’t mean that you should try to make a move on your best friend if there’s no attraction there. What we’re talking about is a relationship that has the basic elements of friendship: admiration, trust, the ability to hang out with each other for hours and still have fun. All these things should be there if you are to spend the rest of your life with your significant other.

#3 Mutual Acceptance

The third essential element for a happy relationship is the ability to accept your partner as she is. Too much criticism can kill a relationship; too much putting up with annoying habits can engender bitterness and spite. The key to being happy together is to be able to actually live with each other’s flaws without making such a big deal about them. If there are things you just can’t stand about her, maybe she’s not the one for you – and vice versa. Don’t look for perfection. Look for someone whose inadequacies are not your worst nightmare.

There are many things we look for in a partner, but the backbone to a successful relationship is made up of these three simple characteristics. They are the perfect start to a happy life together.

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