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Three Elements Every Successful Relationship Has (And No, It’s Not Sex)

The 3 elements every successful relationship needs.

Even though great sexual chemistry is never a bad thing, blissful relationships are about much more than being compatible between the sheets. In fact, there are three key elements every successful relationship has.

Is Yours A Successful Relationship?

To determine whether what you and your girl have is, indeed, a good and viable relationship, you need to consider whether it possesses the following three elements.

#1. Effective Communication

There’s a reason why communication is so often cited as the number one characteristic of every successful relationship. All you have to do to understand its importance is to imagine a relationship where partners don’t communicate well. It’s really one of the most serious reasons why seemingly strong relationships fail every day. read more

The Emojis To Never Use In Online Dating

In online dating, you shouldn't use these offensive or silly emojis.

Who doesn’t love emojis? They are fun, they are cute and they help us show our prospective partner that we are just kidding when we say we’d be willing to kill a person for a nice glass of merlot. We can rely on them to express what written speech can’t, and we love how we can use all of them freely and lightly both in friendly chats and in online dating, right? Wrong.

In Online Dating You Need To Avoid These Emojis Like The Plague

Even though emojis are now an integral part of our online communication, enriching our experience and helping us to express ourselves better, some of them are best avoided in online dating. Find out which ones you shouldn’t be using, as they can be reasons for offense and major turn-offs. read more

Anastasia Date: Complaints Women Make About Guys’ Bad First Date Behavior

Anastasia Date: Complaints that should be taken into account by men.

Even though dates are meant to be fun, exciting, and a great opportunity to meet a potential partner, sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan. Anastasia Date: Complaints Women Make About Guys’ Bad First Date Behavior is going to explore some of the most annoying things men do. Take note.

Anastasia Date: Complaints That Should Teach Men A Lesson

Nobody’s perfect, and there is no such thing as a perfect first date, but some things than met do on one can put a lady off them for good. Here are the behaviors that put women off on a first date (in no particular order). read more

AnastasiaDate: Men Look For These Different Things In Partners As They Age

AnastasiaDate describes the different traits that attract men as they age.

To live is to evolve, and men are no different when it comes to how they choose their partners with every different decade in their lives. AnastasiaDate reveals the things men look for in a partner with every passing decade in their lives.

AnastasiaDate: The Different Traits Men Seek In Their Partners Over Time

Do you remember the things that excited you about a woman in your 20s? Are they the same things that make you fall in love with a woman today? For most men, tastes and preferences vary as they mature and have more life experiences. AnastasiaDate explains how.

Men In Their 20s

Men in their 20s are mostly led by their hormones and sexual drives, not their mind or hearts. That is not to say 20-somethings don’t fall in love. On the contrary, they fall in love hard. But it’s what they fall in love with they don’t quite understand. Most men in their 20s will focus on a girl’s sex appeal, her appearance taking center stage in their decision to make a relationship. Men in their 20s are inexperienced, immature, and usually low on confidence.  So they will look for a good looking woman as a way to show off to their peers, whose opinion matters a lot to them, and to boost their self-worth. Of course, the faster they fall in love, the faster they fall out of it too. read more The Modern Dating Facts We All Need To Deal With presents some of the most serious dating truths we should know.

Dating has never been easy, and every era has its own difficulties and demands. Modern dating couldn’t be any different. There are some things every person should know, like the rules you need to learn before you play a game. And there are certain pitfalls to avoid too if you are to enjoy and to win it. is here to explain. Presents The Demands Of Modern Dating

Modern dating can be a true minefield. But you can cross it and get to the other side (enjoying a happy love life) with the help of this mind map. Take these dating facts into account and you will enjoy your dating life much more. read more