Most Common Mistakes We Are Making In Online Dating

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It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of online dating. People may not even notice when they’re breaking the online dating rules. These common mistakes can seem small to people but in actuality, they play a role in how well you date online. Let’s see if you recognize any of the mistakes: here is a small list.

Most Common Mistakes when Online Dating

1. Grammar Mistakes

The most common thing people don’t pay attention to when online dating is their grammar. What’s a small mistake here and there right? Wrong. The difference in spelling right or wrong can make someone either approach you or not. Bad grammar leaves an impression of an uneducated person, and not too many people would look past it.

2. The “How are you?” Mistake

It just isn’t a good conversation starter if you look at it. How would you answer this question? Most likely with an “I’m great and how are you?”. Then you say that you are great, and the conversation is dead. Instead, start with something that captivates the other party. Read through their profile, find something you have in common or something that just fascinates you and write that into the first message.

3. Focusing On Yourself

It makes sense to want to impress a person that is attractive to us, but the whole focus shouldn’t be on yourself. Everyone wants to get their two cents in and so will she. Ask her questions about her hobbies and interests and add a little bit about you here and there. Don’t hijack the entire conversation with listing your accomplishments since kindergarten.

4. Not Giving Room to Breathe

That happens to some of us who notice a picture of someone incredibly attractive to us. They may seem like everything we are looking for, and so we send them a message. If they don’t answer within a couple of hours we someone more. And then one more – see where we’re going with this? Be patient.


Online dating can be a lot of fun if it is done the right way. Remember the tips provided here and you will do great. Come back soon for additional online dating tips.