Online Dating – What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Online Dating

The Pros and Cons of Dating Online

malvina - advantages and disadvantages of online datingWith this article we discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating online. The number of people turning to the internet for dating is growing every day. There are many upsides to this approach but one shouldn’t forget about the downsides.

What are the Advantages?

There are so many online dating sites out there ready to help you. Other than that there is such a variety of people you can meet that have the same interests, have the body type you’re attracted to, believe in the same kinds of things. In short – you can find your dream partner. The profiles are really thorough and you can get to know a lot about a person before you even meet in person.

Thanks to the services online dating portals offer you can have meaningful interactions with people even if they happen to live across the globe. There are no limits to who you can reach. You can start out by writing long emails. That will give you great insight into how a person thinks. Then you can move on to live chats and if you’re ready then to video chats. If it seems like you’re a great match then soon the question of meeting in person will arise. This may sound extreme to you if you’re new to online dating but lots of serious relationships have grown out of dating portals.

What are the Disadvantages?

For one thing if you don’t know how to express yourself well in writing then that can be an issue. Also the fact that there are lots of people out there with an interest of taking advantage of people who are serious about looking for relationships. You need to be smart and notice certain red flags. Learn to protect yourself. As soon as someone asks you for money – leave them behind. Someone who doesn’t want to video chat after a few months – the same thing.
There is also the issue of lying that happens a lot. People can lie about everything – their age, where they work, what they look like, what they actually want from a relationship, what they’re like as a person.

The ways people can mislead you are quite obvious. Photos. They could be someone else’s pictures or they could be from twenty years ago. Even if the picture is current and the person is real it can still happen that you meet in person and the spark you thought was there wasn’t there at all.


There are both upsides and downsides to online dating. You may get incredibly lucky and find the person of your dreams or you could end up getting your heart broken by someone that loves to play games. Since the numbers show that many successful relationships do happen through dating online, we suggest you be brave and give it a go anyway. You may be the lucky one!

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