Women Describe The Most Attractive Traits In Men

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Who can deny the importance of physical attraction when we first meet someone? But is it enough to keep us interested? That’s just 50% of the things that draw us to each other. If you ask 100 women, chances are that they will describe some (or all) of the most attractive traits in men AnastasiaDate mentions below.

What Women Say About Most Attractive Traits In Men

Here are some of the most attractive traits in men as described by women themselves in countless studies and late-night conversations.

Most ladies appreciate a guy’s honesty. When a man approaches a woman with the intent of flirting with her but does not beat around the bush, she will definitely appreciate the effort and his sincerity. Being upfront (not rude, of course) when you introduce yourself to a lady is a winning trait because it shows your true colors and the fact you are not a “player”.

Another attractive attribute for women is a man’s experience. We don’t mean experience with relationships, but his life experiences. As long as a guy holds a girl’s attention with his interesting stories, he will instantly trigger her curiosity and subconsciously promise an exciting relationship and life with him. The point to watch out for here is not to sound too braggy and big-headed and to not forget to show interest in what she has to say too.

Which takes us to one more attractive male trait: that is to pay a lady a lot of attention. A guy who makes a woman feel special wins top marks in her books. We all love being liked and appreciated for who we are and women are flattered by a guy who will ask them about themselves and show real interest in their answers.

A fourth personality characteristic most women love in a man is how he cares about his family and friends. A man with sensitivities who’s not afraid of being vulnerable is certain to win the hearts of many ladies, as they instantly associate this wealth of emotions with themselves and their potential family together.

Never Forget Humor

The fifth trait is one that is mentioned by almost every woman out there: a strong sense of humor. Humor is the medicine for misery. A guy who has an honest smile and an ability to see the funny side in the most adverse conditions is some kind of guarantee for a happier, more carefree life despite the problems that might arise, that’s why a sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits in men.

Here, at AnastasiaDate, we don’t believe that there’s a right or wrong way to be, of course.We believe that one basic characteristic we should not neglect is being confident and proud of our own strong points, but our shortcomings too. After all, we are all worthy of love and happiness.

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