Flirting Mistakes That Will Turn Women Off

Flirting Mistakes That Will Turn Women Off | Anastasia Date

When you are online dating on this site, you have to be careful with how you interact with women. Before you actually decide to flirt with one, you have to feel out the situation first. Is she showing signs that she is actually into you? Or, does she seem cold? If you don’t want to get shut down, you have to avoid the most basic flirting mistakes.

Are You Guilty Of Committing These Flirting Mistakes?

One problem with online dating is that you do not see someone’s body language unless you actually do a video call with your potential date. If you’re just chatting with each other, you have to become more aware of what you say and how you say the messages you want to convey. For example, see if you are guilty of the following:

1. Coming On Too Strong

When you come on too strong, you turn a woman off, because it will seem like you’re forcing an interaction. For example, if a woman is not replying to any of your messages, then take a hint. Another example would be saying phrases or sentences that will make a woman uncomfortable. Slow it down, don’t get too excited.

2. Taking Everything Too Seriously

Let’s say that you are at a stage in your getting-to-know phase where you can comfortably joke around. One of the biggest flirting mistakes you can make would be taking something light as an offense. If you’re joking around, you should not take things too personally. Don’t be shy to make fun of yourself either.

3. Inciting Jealousy

There are men who like to insert other women into the conversation to incite jealousy. For example, you are already chatting with your potential online date, and you suddenly mention that there is a woman who keeps calling you. Instead of getting the desired result you want, which is probably to increase you attractiveness, you’re going to get the opposite.

It’s always beneficial to practice awareness in life and in dating. One way for you to practice awareness is to look at yourself and your dating history objectively. Another way is to reflect or meditate. It seems simple but the more aware you are the better your judgment will be when it comes to making decisions. For more dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.