Are You Dealing With A Pretender?

Are You Dealing With A Pretender | Anastasia Date

When you are dating online, you will encounter a lot of people of different statuses and background. Some of those, sad to say, will not have pure intentions towards you. So, as you are meeting new people on the internet, you have to know if you’re dealing with a pretender.

Major Signs That Say You’re Dealing With A Pretender Online

Yes, knowing if a person is lying about him or herself is a skill. You have to hone this skill so that you can protect yourself while you’re finding true love online. What are the major signs that say you’re dealing with a pretender?

1. Distracting

If a pretender feels that he or she will get caught, the subject will be changed immediately. It’s one way of distracting you from knowing the truth. You will know that the person is trying to distract you because it will seem that the act (whatever he or she does to divert your attention) will seem totally random.

2. Name-Dropping

Every pretender’s goal is to make him or herself seem important. To do this, one tactic would be to drop names. In most cases, the names that the pretender will drop might not be familiar to you.

3. Self-Praise

A pretender will praise him or herself excessively. Let’s not confuse this with playfully saying something like, “You know that I am a pretty good sing, right?” A pretender’s self-praise will sound very serious and intentional, which can be cringe-worthy.

4. Offering Little Substance

When it comes to your conversations, you don’t really get a from it in terms of lessons. Whatever you talk about, it doesn’t stimulate you, make you excited, or make you think. It’s simply trivial.

Dealing With A Pretender Can Be Toxic

If you have a pretender on your hands, what should you do next? Well, you have to decide if this person is someone you want in your life. Please remember if you area dealing with a pretender, it’s likely that this person will manipulate you. Consider this so you can protect yourself. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.