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Difference Between Male And Female Cheaters

Difference Between Male And Female Cheaters | Anastasia Date

Every time infidelity is discussed, it’s enough for singles and even couples to feel some sort of anxiety. It’s never a good topic to talk about too, because people tend to lie. No one wants to admit to cheating on their partner. However, an interesting take on the topic is that there’s a difference between male and female cheaters.

The Driving Force Is Different With Female Cheaters

Before we go into this topic, we need to have an open mind. Some of the thoughts here could be difficult to understand, but broaden your thinking for you to gain a better perspective on why male and female cheaters go through with their decision. read more

Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say

Observe What Women Do Instead Of What They Say | Anastasia Date

If you want to understand women, what you can do is observe what women do instead of listening to what women say. For example, when you are dating, a woman might say that she doesn’t like bad boys but most of the time the kind of men she dates are bad boys.

See What Women Do And You’ll Know How They Really Feel Inside

Men have always been taught to listen to what a woman is saying, and that’s not a wrong notion. However, when applied to dating people you have to listen and see. Here’s how you approach this situation:

1. Listen First

Of course, you have to listen first. For example, when you are online dating, you have to establish rapport first. Then, when you are chatting, you have to listen to what your potential date is saying. You can, then, get your cues from what your date is saying. read more

How To Support Your Partner With A Toxic Family

How To Support Your Partner With A Toxic Family | Anastasia Date

When your loved one has a toxic family, you have to know how to support him or her correctly. We can’t really choose our family members so we have to make do with the cards that we are dealt with. The same goes for your partner.

Having A Toxic Family Will Have Negative Effects On Your Relationship

Even if you say that your partner doesn’t see much of his or her family, the fact that your loved one grew up with a toxic family (and an unhealthy environment), it’s most likely that his or her family is a source of stress and a reason for some of your partner’s issues and insecurities. How will you support the person you love? read more

Techniques To Minimize Relationship Problems

Techniques To Minimize Relationship Problems | Anastasia Date

When we are on our quest for a good match, we can’t base our choice of mate on our concept of an ideal partner. Eventually, conflicts will arise because of different views and personalities. After the honeymoon phase fades away, reality will set in. Despite this, we need to understand that we can minimize relationship problems with some effort.

Minimize Relationship Problems With These Tricks And Make Room For Happiness

Disagreements and arguments in relationships are inevitable. Partners are individuals who have their own minds and preferences. But with some relationship tricks and a bit of effort, the relationships problems we could experience can be minimized, leaving more room for happiness: read more

Women Think That This Is The Biggest Chatting Red Flag

chatting red flags AnastasiaDate

While dating online, potential couples find it easy to chat with each other. It’s a very convenient way to exchange messages since you can send and receive them in real-time. However, chatting is always subject to misinterpretation because messages are delivered via short texts. Even if we are careful with our words, it’s still possible to make the biggest chatting red flag that will turn any woman off.

Many Of Us Are Guilty Of This Biggest Chatting Red Flag Without Realizing It

Surprisingly, the biggest chatting red flag isn’t annoying messages but impatience. Women absolutely do not want for you to bombard them with messages every day. To avoid this chatting red flag, manage your chatting life properly. Here are some tips on how you could have a healthy chat with a woman you are really into: read more