Why is Interracial Dating the Last Taboo

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Equality is the buzzword of the moment. Third wave feminism, LGBTIQ rights, acceptance and recognition of non-binary genders, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Everywhere you look, equal rights and a demand to the end of bigotry in all of its forms is being shouted from the rooftops. So why is there such a big taboo remaining around interracial dating? Let’s take a look at some dating advice.

Interracial Dating and Its Struggles

There are plenty of taboos in American culture. As one-half of an interracial couple, I can tell you first hand that there is a long way to go. Until people accept that love does not see color, or cultural and religious differences. But it isn’t just my perception you rarely see interracial couples in Hollywood films or on mainstream television series. I challenge readers to name five critically acclaimed, big budget blockbusters that include interracial dating and relationships and portray them in a positive light it is a sobering task that I doubt can be completed.

What’s Behind the Taboo?

But why? This prevailing attitude that one should stick to dating within one’s race comes from all sides. Again this is something have experienced first hand. I have dealt with invasive questions about my future children’s beliefs, derogatory jokes and assumptions about myself and been told to “lighten up” should I dare to get offended at a joke someone has made about my partner’s heritage. The other side of the coin is that I know I have an uphill struggle when it comes to meeting his family, I will have to fight to overthrow the false preconceptions they undoubtedly have about European women and I will have to prove myself above and beyond what a woman of his background would have to.

There is Hope for Interracial Dating After All

In today’s culture of disposable relationships, online dating and lenient moral codes, surely the fact that a couple want to commit to each other and want to celebrate this publicly should be welcomed and praised. I believe that with each interracial relationship that is formed, another step towards a unified society is taken and this can only be a good thing. So to all of you that love someone with different colour skin or different religious beliefs. Remember that diversity is what makes life beautiful. Ignore the people that try to demean your relationship and remember that real love sees past colour, race and ethnicity. There are plenty of top dating sites that have members with the right mindset.