Online Dating – Tips for Dating in Europe

dating in EuropeRules for when Dating in Europe

Every region has different rules for dating. The article at hand takes a look at what the most important rules are for dating in Europe. These apply specifically to foreign men interested in dating women from Europe. We broke them down for you to make them easier to understand.

1. Making the First Move

In almost every country, men are expected to be the one that makes the first move. In Europe, however, there are countries where it is perfectly acceptable for the woman to do this. A good example of that is Switzerland. Note that most Europeans don’t go on dates with perfect strangers. They go out if they know each other through a friend. You can always try to walk up to a random woman on the street and ask her out – it does happen, just not that often. As a foreign man, you should have better luck.

2. Where to Go On Dates

It is important to know that dating in Europe is a lot more casual. A date can be a nice walk in the park or going to a cafe. It can also be something simple like going to the movies, informal dinners and so on. It is also quite common for a potential couple to go out hiking or biking. People are focused on getting to know each other.

3. The Date Itself

You are likely wondering who pays for the day. It is okay for you to offer to pay for the first date but don’t be surprised if your date thinks you should go Dutch. That is something very common on the first date. But don’t forget to offer. Next let’s have a look at what you should be wearing. If you aren’t going for sports on your date, then you should dress up a bit.

4. After the Date

Calling and texting after the date can be a good or a bad idea. If you contact them too soon, you might scare them off. If you take too long, she may think you have lost interest. In the European dating scene, the next day is the best time for letting the person know you had a great time with them. Provided that you did, of course.


Dating in Europe is quite different from dating in America. Note that these aren’t all rules you should know about but just some of them. You can do more research on your own and come back soon for more dating tips.