Women Think That This Is The Biggest Chatting Red Flag

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While dating online, potential couples find it easy to chat with each other. It’s a very convenient way to exchange messages since you can send and receive them in real-time. However, chatting is always subject to misinterpretation because messages are delivered via short texts. Even if we are careful with our words, it’s still possible to make the biggest chatting red flag that will turn any woman off.

Many Of Us Are Guilty Of This Biggest Chatting Red Flag Without Realizing It

Surprisingly, the biggest chatting red flag isn’t annoying messages but impatience. Women absolutely do not want for you to bombard them with messages every day. To avoid this chatting red flag, manage your chatting life properly. Here are some tips on how you could have a healthy chat with a woman you are really into:

1. Set boundaries and inform your date.

For example, chatting is not allowed in your workplace. Inform your date about this restriction so that they will not feel ignored when they send a message during working hours. You may also have other boundaries, such as a tech detox during weekends. In turn, your date will also be encouraged to set boundaries of her own, letting you know when is the right time to chat.

2. Acknowledge her texts.

Sometimes, her “What are you doing right now?” catches you in the middle of something, like preparing for a meeting or going up the bus or paying in line at the supermarket. Try to acknowledge her message and tell them that you’re going to message later. If it cannot be helped, you can try to explain when you are free. A person with a mature mind will be fine with it. If they won’t accept your explanation, then there is something wrong with this person’s self-esteem.

3. Emojis can help.

It is hard to convey all your emotions through chatting. But if you’re in a rush, you can add a smiley emoji to add some warmth to your message, especially if you are just sending an abbreviation.

4. Have long discussions on the phone.

If your date is asking you open-ended questions through chat, you can reply and say that maybe you can talk later and discuss some more. Let’s face it, there are just some things that need to be discussed vocally.

5. Be true to your word.

Sometimes, our day can really get crazy. But, when you say that you will talk or chat up tonight or the following day, make sure that you do it. It can get crazy lonely waiting at the other side, especially if you have not yet defined your relationship yet.

Impatience is a chatting red flag that can get to your nerves as well as your date’s nerves. But, if expectations are set and commitments are kept, things will be easier to manage. For more online dating tips, be sure to check out the rest of the blog.