What Is Companionate Love And What You Should Know About It

The Important Things To Know About Companionate Love | Anastasia Date

Are you familiar with companionate love? It’s something that’s not talked about commonly, but this kind of love can actually make any relationship last longer. You see, there are two points in every relationship that couples need to look out for: the decline of passionate love and the start of companionate love. If this is all new to you, all the more that you need to read on.

What You Need To Know About Companionate Love

As mentioned, every relationship will have two turning points. Passionate love will eventually decline. This happens when the rainbows, butterflies, and initial magic have faded away. As a result, the couple sees each other through realistic eyes rather than eyes that are more idealistic. When this point has been reached, couples usually assess whether the relationship is worth continuing.

As you may have guessed, most couples don’t make it to the stage where companionate love fills the partnership because they want all the magic and the butterflies. Sustaining such a thing is unrealistic and impossible. The result is, most likely, an abrupt break up without even giving companionate love a shot.

What Is Companionate Love Anyway?

This type of love is characterized by a deep commitment. Friendships can have it and so can romantic relationships. Most experts say that as passionate love fades, a couple should focus on companionate love if they want their relationship to survive and grow. Thus, this kind of love is essential when talking about long term relationships.

The most important deed that will allow this kind of love to enter into your relationship is consistency. This is because companionate love grows overtime. It doesn’t just appear out of thin air like passionate love. A couple needs to work towards it, like planting a seed and watering it everyday.

How To Work Towards This Kind Of Love

When the turning point in your relationship has arrived, don’t end everything just yet because you have already seen the other side of your partner. Whether you like what you see or experience, or not, it’s best to try and make the love grow. You can always work on your passionate love, but focus yourselves on the love that’s more for long-term. Do the work, put in the effort, and give compassionate love a chance to blossom. For more dating and relationship tips, check out the rest of our blog.